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This week in Belted Galloway class

This week we will be started a new Science topic on Evolution and Inheritance. While the topic has traditionally been a secondary school unit of work, recent raised expectations by the government have meant that we start studying this at the end of primary school. This week, the children will be learning about inheritance, the idea that offspring inherit characteristics from their parents, and we will consider which characteristics are inherited and which are acquired over time. Through this, we will talk about the fact that practise and hard-work makes you good at something, and that you can't just be born with an innate ability in, say, swimming, just because your parents are good at it. We will also be looking at adaptation, and considering how animals have adapted to suit their environment over tens of thousands of years. We will also attempt to answer the eternal question of what comes first, the chicken or the egg!

In English, we will continue with our work on Macbeth. After immersing ourselves with the plot last week, the children will be writing their versions of the story, focusing on setting and character development.

Sadly, both the Tag Rugby and the Mock Trial events needed to be postponed this week for differing reasons. We hope that we can take part if and when they are rescheduled.


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