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The end of term in Belted Galloway class

A Primary School class is a wonderful place to be in the run up to Christmas, and Belted Galloway class, even though the children are older, is no exception. These final two weeks of term have combined completing topics and assessment tasks with taking part in creative work (ranging from making music, singing, cooking and designing). The children have all made and decorated Christmas cakes, and will be creating packaging for them in order to present and protect them. They will be using the computing skills they have learnt to create their own game using the KODU language, while they will be listening to and responding to Charles Dicken's 'A Christmas Carol' in English,as well as completing our class novel, The Turbulent Term of Tyke Tiler. There will be lots of maths games and activities, ranging for our GECKO problem solving event to our class 24 mental maths contest, as well as the opportunity for the children to tackle the logic puzzle of the Shikaku Madness game. It will be a busy end to the term, but hopefully one full of smiles.


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