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Skins gambling

What is Skins Gambling?

The average age of a gamer is now 32 years old. As such, many online games are aimed at those between 25-35 years old as they are more likely to have money to spend on games and the additional extras that can be bought. If you purchase a game for your child, have you considered against whom they will be playing? Will they want to keep up with other players, to have the best looking virtual equipment?

‘Skin gambling’ is on the rise and encourages gambling behaviours. In ‘skins gambling’ gamers exchange virtual goods that they have won or bought in multi-player games for virtual gambling chips. Millions of pounds-worth are being gambled each year, much of it by children and young people.

Statistics from the UK Gambling Commission’s report, ‘Young People and Gambling 2018 Report’, show that more young people are gambling than are drinking alcohol. If gambling behaviours are promoted within online games, are we discussing the issues with our children as part of our internet safety discussions?

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