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This week in Belted Galloway Class

This week, Year 6 will be tackling their end of key stage tests, commonly known as the SATs. They will sit tests in English (Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling, and Reading) and Mathematics (Arithmetic and Reasoning). They have worked hard in their preparation for these tests, and they are both calm and focussed, and are looking forward to the week. We don't see SATs week as the culmination of what they have been learning though: these tests are another check point on their learning journey, which assesses the skills that they need to be secondary ready.

Year 5 will be taking part in an outdoor learning project, working with Dexter class and planned by Mrs Crampton. In addition to the critical thinking skills that they will use, the social and nurturing skills that they develop when working collaboratively with younger children are invaluable to their development.

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