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Dexter Science Week

Last week was National Science week, so here in Dexter class, we looked at what it means to be a scientist and what a scientist does. We asked questions, planned experiments, made observations and tried to answer our questions.

On Monday, we asked what happens when you mix things together. We tried mixing mud and water, sand and water, flour and water and most excitingly, vinegar and baking soda! We used the words suspension and reaction.

On Tuesday, we were visited by Silly Science, who taught us about chromatography – we used filter paper, felt tips and water to see the different colours that are ‘hidden’ inside one colour.

We also asked the question, ‘How are shadows formed?’ and ‘Does everything have a shadow?’ We experimented with torches and sunlight, glass prisms, coloured lenses and a rainbow machine. We used the words transparent and opaque. We also talked about how different colours were ‘hidden’ within light and how rainbows are formed.

On Wednesday, we asked the question, ‘What does a magnet ‘stick’ to?’ We used magnets to test different materials in the classroom and used the words magnetic, metal, material and attract.

We also looked for minibeasts in the Guardianship. We used the words habitat, shelter, protection, camouflage, predator and prey and discussed what creatures need to stay alive. We found lots of woodlice, some small beetles, spiders and a millipede!

On Thursday, we asked the question, ‘Are all plants the same?’ We looked at the structure of plants, including the roots, stem, leaves etc and planted some herbs next to the mud kitchen to provide a sensory area and we planted some flowers. Whilst planting we talked about what each part of the plant was for and had extra discussions about whether trees and moss were plants and what plants need to live.

On Friday, we asked the question, ‘What materials are waterproof?’ We helped the 3 little pigs to find a roof for their houses by testing out different materials such as foil, tissue paper, sticks, material ect and used water spray to test whether the water got into their houses.


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