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Severn Trent's Water Assembly

On Tuesday 23rd January, a man called Paul Tingle came to our school to tell us how we could stop wasting water. After the assembly we all know how much water we waste and how lucky we are.

To start with Mr Tingle showed us the difference between river water and our normal everyday water. The time it takes for the cleaning process is rather surprising. He then told us how the water gets back through the servers. After that, he explained that fat, oil and grease block them really easily. Baby wipes also get stuck. Mr Tingle has told us that there are three flushable p’s. These are paper, pee and poo. He also gave us the challenge of having a four minute shower, which takes 36 litres of water.

After all of this input, we now think that lucky people like us waste lots of our water. We encourage you to waste less water by spending four or less minutes in the shower.


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