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The Jewellery Shop

This week in Dexter Class, we were lucky enough to be shown some real pearls and be taught all about how pearls are formed, thanks to one of our focus children. The children were able to handle a string of pearls, an oyster and a muscle shell, and look at the mother of pearl lining up close. One of the shells had partially formed pearls in it. It was fascinating!

As a result of this, the children decided to create their own jewellery shop. They made necklaces, bracelets, rings and watches by cutting, threading and tying. They even made interesting ways to put their wares on show, by building displays from Stickle Bricks and Lego!

The shop was advertised on posters, had price tags and it even had its own money (drawn, coloured and cut out especially!)

There was much learning going on, not just in the application of phonics and maths, but in the development of fine motor skills, cooperative play and the sharing of resources.


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