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Dexters' Eggs-ellent Adventure!

Dexter have finished off the Spring term with yet another fun filled and exciting week. Whilst the end of the week involved lots of Easter related activities; making baskets and hunting for eggs, as well as joining in the eggstravaganza house event, the start of the week was led, as ever by the children's own interests. Our Easter garden was looking a little wilted, we we took it outside and the children decided to add animals. It wasn't long before it had been turned into a zoo, complete with small labels and captions warning the small world people to 'beware of the snakes' etc. As we had placed the builders' tray, in which it is growing, on the ground, we had put the stand which it normally sits on, to one side. Our ever inquisitive children decided to use this stand as a den and before long, it was covered in a tarpaulin and one of the floor mats was placed underneath, as a carpet. Unfortunately the tarpaulin kept slipping and so, the roof would fall in. This caused great excitement as first, but understandably became rather frustrating for those underneath! The problem solving began and the children decided to change their approach, eventually tying the tarpaulin to the posts and drain pipes of the outside shelter. One child was rightly concerned about others accidentally running into one of the longer guy ropes and so suggested that they hang warning signs from it. More problem solving ensued about the best way to attach the signs.

There was much excitement surrounding the discovery of a very small snail in the small world garden and a couple of the girls decided to keep her as a pet. They wrote name labels and were in the process of writing a story for the snail, when tragedy struck. As a result of the poor snail's demise, we have had interesting discussions about what the children think happens when creatures die, have held a funeral - complete with hand made memorial stones and messages of love and noted the similarities between slugs and snails!

We hope you all have a peaceful and enjoyable Easter break and look forward to seeing you after the holiday.


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