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Helicopter Stories

This week we have introduced 'Helicopter Stories', a way of developing story telling and story acting in the Early Years. We began by creating a stage on the carpet, using masking tape. All the children had a front row seat, by using the stage in a 'theatre in the round' style. We began by reading the children a story that had been written by a child of a similar age and invited children to take turns at acting out the story as it was narrated. When we had finished, the children were asked if they would like to write their own stories, or dictate a story to an adult, so that it could be acted out later in the day. We have been astounded by the enthusiasm of the children and have had several moments through each day since, when every child in the room had been engaged in some form of writing! We have acted the parts of princesses and princes, penguins and ducks, and the occasional monster and dinosaur! As a result, we have made significant progress in writing this week!


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