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Find out more about live streaming and vlogging

Live-streaming is very popular among young people. Many also enjoy following vloggers (video bloggers). These vloggers are usually just called YouTubers as they tend to post their videos on YouTube and can gain millions of followers. Famous YouTubers are often approached by companies that send them free products to test and talk about on their channels, this is known as 'influencer marketing'. A series of articles and guides from look at live-streaming, vlogging, the life of a YouTuber and the power of influencer marketing on young people. Find out more at

This week in Belted Galloway class

After a thrilling week at PGL last week, Belted Galloway class will be settling into a week of classroom learning. In maths, we will be working on place value, with a specific focus on rounding both whole numbers and decimals, as well as refining our previous work with positive and negative numbers. In English, we will be developing our own versions of the animated adventure 'Ruin'. We will be looking at combining setting and character, as well as developing an engaging action sequence. We have also begun using an on-line tutoring tool to develop the children's computing skills in coding and control.

This week in Dexter Class

This week the children will be in full time and we are looking forward to starting our phonics and maths teaching. We will be focusing on the sounds s,a,t,p and i in phonics and the children will learn to blend these together to read words such as as, sat and pin, as well as taking part in different activities to reinforce their understanding. They will be bringing home a sheet to go alongside each sound that they learn, so that they can further practice their letter formation. In maths, we will be looking at the characters of 'Ten Town' and learning how to correctly form the numerals to 10. Each of the characters represents a number and the story that accompanies it helps the children to d

This week in Friesian Class

We have had a brilliant start to the week. The children are enjoying practising for our Harvest Festival assembly, which will take place next Friday (5th October) at 9.00am, in the hall. We are really enjoying our story writing unit on 'Voices in the Park' and are now iin the 'Innovation Stage' where we write our own version of the story. In maths, we are continuing to recap place value. Some children have been looking at crossing the tens barrier and others at decimal numbers. We had a very fun science experiment where the children made sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous rocks out of chocolate. Their favourite part was eating them at the end. The children should have come home with a let

This week in Hereford Class

We are really enjoying our new English topic of 'Avocado baby' where a new baby is born and is really weak. However, once it has been fed avocado, he becomes really strong and can perform all sorts of impossible tasks, which we found hilarious. We have been ordering, boxing up and retelling the story in our own words, before we innovate and make it our own. In maths we have been continuing with our topic of place value where we have been representing numbers using pictures, objects and apparatus including the number line and coins. Y1 have joined Hereford class full time and have been enjoying the foundation subjects. We have been looking at Islam and the prophet, Muhammed and how stories an

Keeping your child safe in a digital world

The net aware guide to the social networks that your children use is a great way to stay up to date and keep your child safe in today's digital world. Visit their site to find out more about Fortnite, Instagram, Minecraft and many more.

This week in Belted Galloway class

This week, many of the children from Belted Galloway will be taking part in their annual residential event. We will be spending four days at PGL Osmington Bay, Weymouth, where the children will develop their team work, resilience, independence and collaborative skills. They will take part in a wide range of activities, including Jacob's Ladder - a demanding vertical rope and log course where each rung of the ladder gets further from the last; raft building, where the children will work in teams, using their DT skills and their logic, and hopefully not their swimming skills; the Giant swing, an exhilarating test of nerve; and aeroball, a high-octane paired sport combining trampolining with ba

This week in Friesian Class

This week we finish our instruction writing journey and start a new story writing unit. In maths, we will continue with place value, finding 10, 100 and even 1000 more or less than any given number. We will carry on with our Ancient Egyptian theme, looking at Ancient Egyptian history. We will also continue with our Ancient Egyptian Death Mask designs. We have now done some research and can adapt and develop our design further. In RE, we are looking at Hindu beliefs and particularly the question 'How do Hindu Murtis help show what God is like?' In Computing, we will continue to plan and create our own educational game using Scratch. Swimming will continue as normal. The children did a great j

This week in Hereford Class

This week in Hereford Class we are finishing off our instruction writing. We have already improved our sentences, structure and knowledge of verbs and adverbs. In maths, we are learning to read and write numbers in words and numerals as well as Y2 recognising the value of 2 digit numbers, using dienes to represent them. In RE we are looking at the beliefs of Muslims and the 99 names of their God, Allah. In PSHE we are looking at the difference between a want and a need. Mrs Crampton will be teaching Y2 computing on Tuesday where they will look at programming beebots. Y1 children will be continuing their transition by having the afternoons in Dexter classroom. A letter regarding the Sevington

This week in Dexter Class

This week, the children will be staying for lunch and on Monday, this will mean spending time with their buddies. Belted Galloway are off on a residential trip to PGL for the remainder of the week but Friesian children will be on hand to help during lunch time, as will plenty of adults. If your child is having a school dinner, please could you look through the menu choices with them, so that they know what they are going to have. We will be looking at comparing length, height and weight during the week, as well as hearing a range of rhyming stories and creating patterns. Pick up time will be at 1.30pm, after the children have had a play outside with the older children.

Band Runner: the new e-safety game for 8-10 year old

The Education Team at CEOP have recently announced that Band Runner – a fun new runner-style game for 8-10-year olds – is now live on the Thinkuknow website. Sam, Alfie and Ellie from the Play Like Share animations are continuing their adventures and helping children to build their knowledge, confidence and skills to stay safe from sexual abuse and other risks they might encounter online. If you have not yet viewed Play Like Share, you can also find the films on the new website: Band Runner is hosted on an all-new Thinkuknow website for 8-10-year olds. A key area of the new site is the ‘Stay Safe’ zone where Sam, Ellie and Alfie sha

This week in Friesian class

This week we will continue with our English unit on Instructions. The children are writing their own set of instructions for how to play 'Rob the Nest'. In maths, we will continue with place value. We have been looking at the value of each digit in numbers and partitioning numbers in different ways. We will also be ordering numbers and looking at numbers represented in words. In science, we will begin our new unit on 'Rocks', starting with a rock hunt around the local area. We will discuss sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous rocks and look at how each type of rock is formed. In Art, we will continue with our Egyptian Death Mask designs, adapting and refining our ideas in order to come up wi

This week in Hereford Class

This week we will be continuing with both our English and maths topics. In English we are writing our own set of instructions for a variety of purposes. Y1 have learned what a verb is and Y2 have been recognising and using adverbs of time. Phonics and spelling lessons have begun and children are already using their knowledge of rules and sounds to decode, read and spell some new words. Please encourage your child to complete their homework to reinforce this. In maths we are continuing with place value. Y1 are counting on and backwards as well as counting objects accurately. Y2 are looking at sequences, adding on 2, 3, 5 and 10 and recognising the value of 2 digit numbers - partitioning them

This week in Dexter class

What a fantastic start to the week we have had, with all the children coming in with smiles on their faces! This week we will be continuing to explore the learning environment and understand the routines and expectations of the school day. We will be practising our counting and developing our fine motor skills whilst working with small objects. Much of our work in this early part of the year centres around personal, social and emotional development, as the children learn to listen to each other, work as a team, share and negotiate peacefully. We have already started talking about how we use our 'learning powers' to become better learners and how we can apply them to what we chose to do when

Working as a TEAM to stay safe online

The internet is amazing. Children can play, learn, create and connect - opening up a whole world of exciting possibilities. But with the digital world changing all the time, how can you make sure your child’s staying safe? That’s where sites like come in. Whether you’re an online expert or you’re not sure where to start, their tools and advice will help you keep your child safe. They promote exploring the world wide web together as a T.E.A.M. (Talk, Explore, Agree, Manage)

This week in Belted Galloway

We look forward to seeing you back in school on Tuesday 4th September. The children will spend time this week looking at how the brain works and the importance of having a positive, growth mind-set on effective learning. We will be discussing how being organised and responsible are two key features of upper key-stage 2. ​ The children will have opportunities to get back into their Mathematics, English, Science and Geography this week with a series of activities. PE will take place with Atlas Sports on Wednesday and Friday afternoon.

This week in Dexter Class

Welcome to Reception! We are looking forward to welcoming the children this week and will be spending time getting to know each other, playing games, finding our way around the school, meeting the buddies and being introduced to school life. ​ During the morning the children will be able to drink from their water bottle whenever they are thirsty and will be given a fruit snack at break time. This week the children finish at 12pm. We will escort the children to the front gates, where they will wait their turn to go to their adult. Please let us know who will be picking them up if it is not a parent. If you have any questions, please come and see us, phone the office or drop us an email via ou

This Week in Friesian Class

Welcome back! We hope you had a fantastic summer holiday and a well deserved break. We are very excited to be welcoming the new Year 3's into Friesian Class and looking forward to seeing the Year 4's again. To start off the week, we will be launching our new surprise topic! The children will get stuck into some historical discovery and plot events on a timeline. We will be introducing the Year 3's to our routines and the Year 4's will help them get settled. We will start a new English journey on instruction writing and link it to our new topic. We will also complete a GECKO Maths Challenge and do our first Rapid Recall Challenge towards the end of the week. Spelling and Guided Reading lesson

This week in Hereford Class

Welcome back! We hope you had a long and restful summer. Over the next few days letters regarding our topic and plans for this term will be sent home. You will also receive a letter detailing our school trip, which has already been booked for Wednesday 17th October 2018. We will be visiting Sevington Victorian School in Chippenham which links with our History topic of 'School Days'. We will be launching this topic this week whilst understanding chronology and how our lives are very different to those in the Victorian time. We will begin a writing journey on instructions in English and will be exploring place value in Maths. Spelling and phonic lessons will begin on Tuesday with supporting ho

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