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This week in Dexter Class

Wow! It's week 5 already and we are really enjoying seeing how well Dexter Class is settling in to life at Amberley. They are making friends, learning how to value themselves and each other, and starting to show pride in their environment and their learning. They have been supported in this through the use of our first two Learning Powers, 'cooperation' and 'never giving up' and our Value of perserverence. This week in Phonics we are focusing on the sounds, i,n,m and d and reviewing s,a,t and p. The children have now learnt enough sounds that they are starting to segment and blend, and many of them are writing little notes which they are leaving for us to find. We are continuing our look int

This week in Friesian class

This week in Friesian class, we will be starting a unit on addition and subtraction in maths. In English, we will be looking at poetry and will be celebrating National Poetry Day by performing a variety of poems. We will be immersing ourselves in art work this week, as we learn about some of the seven elements of art and experiment with tone and texture. We will be culminating our art work with 'mark making' designs which will link to themes in some of our poetry work. In computing, we will be starting to use code to animate the characters we have chosen. Many of the children have expressed that they would like to experiment further with coding, using the Scratch 2 programming software. I h

Hereford Art Display

Parents are invited in at 3.15pm today to come and see the Hereford Art Display, which will be put up outside of the classroom. Please come and see the wonderful mark making that the children have been doing.

This week in Belted Galloway class

This week in Belted Galloway class we will be launching our topic of the Ancient Greeks. Initially we will be exploring Greek vases and making deductions, as well as looking at the timeline events in that era. We will be exploring the idea of an Empire, and linking this to other Empire that the children might and might not have heard of. We will then be moving onto the weird and wonderful world of Greek Gods and Greek myths! In English we will be writing short stories, with specific emphasis on the structure and linking paragraphs through foreshadowing. We will be looking at rounding and using negative numbers in context in maths, while in RE we will be learning about the 5 Pillars of Islam

This week in Hereford Class

This week in Hereford Class we are excited to have the Year 1 children join in with the immersion curriculum as they will be in class full time. This week it is Art where we are mark making. We will be using lines, dots, colouring and tones in order to create a class display following the skills that we have been taught. Parents are invited in after school on Thursday to see the display of the children's finished art work. In English we are continuing the journey of 'Knuffle Bunny' where we are retelling the story in sections before innovating it and writing out own. In Maths we will be moving onto addition, following our place value unit. We will continue to look at the creation story in RE

This week in Dexter Class

This is an exciting week for Dexter Class but it will also be quite a tiring one as the children will be be staying for full days from now on. Today we will continue our Phonics journey and the children will be bringing home books to share with you. Our sounds this week will be s, a, t and p and the children will be taking part in lots of activities to encourage recognition and formation of these sounds. We are continuing to look at stories by Oliver Jeffers with a particular focus on 'The Way Back Home', a story of a little boy who flies to the moon and runs out of petrol! This links to our value of perseverance and our learning power of cooperation, as he works with the Martian to solve th

This week in Friesian class

This week in Friesian class, we will be continuing with our work as scientists, learning about electricity and electrical circuits. We have already learned about the parts of a simple series circuit and have now started trying to construct parallel circuits. This week, we will be completing a series of challenges during which the children will have to think scientifically in order to make different combinations of bulbs and motors to work according to certain rules. We will be culminating our learning by creating quiz boards, which will light up or buzz when the correct answer is selected. In English, we will be planning and writing our own adventure stories, putting into practise the elemen

Ruth and Florence

It was so lovely to receive these notes from Ruth and Florence after their transition time in Dexters. They are keen to use our learning powers of 'keep improving' and 'never give up' along side our Christian Value of perseverance... "I realise it is OK to mistakes are OK." "Making mistakes are good because you learn from your mistakes."

This week in Hereford Class

This week we have started a new English journey on ‘Knuffle Bunny’. This is a story where a little girl loses her favourite soft toy. Our value of perseverance links well into this story whereby her dad doesn’t give up until it is found. We have already learnt the story and will now be boxing it up, retelling it and innovating it. We continue with our place value unit this week where Y1 children are finding one more and one lesson of any given number and Y2 are comparing and ordering numbers using the less than, greater than and equals symbols. We have reinforced that the equals sign also means the same as so that children don’t get muddled when it appears at the start of the calculation. Y1

This week in Friesian Class

This week we will be scientists in our immersion curriculum sessions and will be learning about electricity, and in particular, different types of circuits. We have already created a human circuit using a 'power stick' and experimented with building circuits to light bulbs and work motors. It has been lovely to see so many of the children coming in to tell us things that they have already found out having used the links provided in the information sheet. In English, we will be writing a quest story written in the style of the Blodden adventure, which, as some of the children have noted, is similar to The Hobbit. We will be focusing on expanded noun phrases, using inverted commas for speech a

This week in Dexter Class

This week, we are welcoming our Dexter class children to share lunch with the rest of the school. They all really seem to be enjoying the experience and they were particularly happy to meet up with the other older children. In addition to lots of creative and play based learning,we are continuing with our mastery approach to maths, talking about the numbers 1,2 and 3, how we can count one more, one less, find a 'quantity', 'total' or 'amount' and look at the number of sides on familiar shapes. Whilst this may seem quite simple, there really is so much more to it than just being able to count up to 10,20 or even 100! Children were very interested to see that 3 is made up of three 1's or one

Hereford - Kenya

Y2 have had such a great week studying Kenya in Hereford Class. First of all we located it on the globe, discussed where it was and located its capital city, Nairobi. The children came up with geographical questions which we researched the following day. We have discussed key vocabulary and looked at parts of Kenya: villages, towns and cities as well as identifying whether places are coastal or rural. Thank you to Henry who shared lots of amazing photos of when his Mummy and Daddy went and also, to Elsie who did her very own research in the lead up to the topic. It has been so lovely having the additional afternoons to really become Geographers and explore the country in depth. We are lookin

This week in Hereford Class

Welcome back to week 2 of the Autumn Term! I hope that your children have settled back into school life and are enjoying the term so far. We have been working hard in English, writing instructions. We made sandwiches today to help us explain how to make cheese and tomato sandwiches. The children enjoyed eating the sandwiches after too! We are working on place value in maths whereby Y1 children are counting in twos and Y2 are partitioning 2 digit numbers. I have been really impressed with the children’s independence and their hard work. Y2 are completing a unit on Kenya in Geography. You should have received the overview sheet on Friday. It can also be found on the school website. Thank yo

This week in Dexter class

The children have already been in school for one week and have all settled extremely well. We are supporting them as they build relationships and they are quickly making friends and learning about the life and routines in Dexter class. Our focus is 'Super me, super you!' and children have produced some very creative portraits of themselves and their families. We have looked at our value of perseverance and linked it to one of our learning powers- 'never give up'. It has been wonderful to listen to the children naturally using this vocabulary during their play and we have seen some fantastic examples where they have kept on trying without any prompting from us! This week we are talking about

This week in Belted Galloway class

Our curriculum topic for the week this week is a country study of Kenya. We will be using a range of statistics to draw conclusions about the country, and explore aspects of the country, ranging from population density and climate to vegetation and human geography. In maths we will be focusing on subtraction, extending calculation methods and deepening learning to include decimals, large numbers and missing box problems, including cracking codes. We will be developing our narrative skills in English, looking at the structure and developing setting and character within our stories. Year 5 will have the opportunity to attend a rugby masterclass at Kings School in Gloucester in conjunction with

This week in Friesian Class

What a lovely start to the term we have had! We really enjoyed getting to know each other better last week, using our immersion topic of 'Kindness' (PSHCE). This week we will be immersing ourselves in maps and atlases to learn about the equator, the tropics and the poles, before zoning in on the country of Kenya to learn more about its people and its physical geography. In English, we will be starting a unit on voyage and discovery stories and will be looking at the key features, before trying our own hands at writing one. In Maths, we are continuing to look at place value and will be partitioning whole numbers. In Computing, we will be learning more about programming and will be using the l

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