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This Week in Friesian Class

We hope you have had a lovely half term! The children seemed excited to see each other again and ready for the busy term ahead of us. In English, we are doing the final editing and write up of our competition texts. The children have worked really hard on these and it has been lovely to see them so enthusiastic and creative with their writing. In maths, we have continued with rounding to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000 (Y4) and using this skill to estimate answers to a calculation. In RE, we have finished out unit on Hinduism by linking religious stories to religious festivals. We looked at the story of DIwali and the children acted out the story. On Wednesday, the children will do PSHE and han

This week in Hereford Class

We hope that you had a restful half term and caught up on some much needed rest. We are looking forward to beginning our Nativity over the next few weeks where we will be doing a lot of rehearsals in order to make the show as fantastic as previous years. Once we receive the nativity licence, script and songs, we will begin to give out parts. Year 2 children will have any main speaking roles and Y1 children will support. We are beginning a new topic in RE where we will be exploring our Christian Value of 'Truthfulness.' We will be looking at 'The day that changed everything' in order to support our understanding of the value as well as the fable 'The boy who cried wolf.' The children will als

This week in Belted Galloway

This week, the Belted Galloway children will be finishing off the original compositions they started before the half term holiday, entitled 'My Inspiration', to enter the Rotary Club competition. They will have the chance to proof-read, edit and draft their work, before presenting their final copies. In Maths, the children will be focusing on subtraction this week, tightening up their written methods and extending these to using decimal numbers, as well as consolidating mental methods. PE, as always, takes place on Wednesday and Fridays, but Mr Spurrier also works with a small group of Y5 and 6 children who have put themselves forward to be playground leaders. Before lunch time on Friday, th

This week in Dexter Class

We look forward to welcoming the children back on Tuesday and hope that you all had a lovely half term. This week we will be learning the sounds b, f/ff and learning to spell the tricky words no, go and to. We will update the phonics boxes that went out before the break, on Friday. Reading books will be changed on Tuesday and Thursday this week, but will revert to the normal Monday, Wednesday and Friday next week. Please could you make sure that reading record and books are in on change days, and that phonics pots are in on Fridays. In maths this week, we will be continuing our work on space and shape and will be looking at patterns and 2d shapes, alongside our daily work on counting and num

e-safety for Reception and KS1

If your child is 5, 6 or 7 years old, there is a good bet that they like to use the computer or smart phones for fun. made a website to help young children go on the internet in a safe way and know who to talk to if they are worried.

Netball Match

On Thursday 11th October, Amberley visited Gasterells Primary hoping to continue their winning streak. It was an exciting match and the children gave it their all, defeating Gastrells. Congratulations team! What a way to start the season.

Atlas Football Festival

Last Tuesday our football team took part in an inter school football festival in Painswick. Great fun was had by all and we are really pleased with the children's achievements. Football Festival Results Amberley 0 – 0 St Dominics Amberley 1 – 0 Gastrells B (Sam Norris) Amberley 1 – 0 St Dominics (Tias Benton) Amberley 9 – 0 Gastrells B (Rufus Petrie [4], Lars Benton [3], Hamilton Martin [2]) Semi Final Amberley 0 – 1 Gastrells A 3rd place play off Amberley 0 – 3 Birdlip

The dangers of over-sharing online

It is easy to share things online that you wouldn't face to face. Some of the most popular sites and apps are designed to enable people to share information, pictures and videos. This is part of their popularity but it can make it easy to share things we later regret. If you think your child has shared too much about themselves don’t panic. It’s rare that things get out of control, but even if they do there are ways you can respond and organisations who can help. has further information

Hereford Sevington Victorian Trip

What an experience! Hereford Class had a day at a Victorian school on Thursday whereby they experienced school life in the Victorian days, which is very different to our school for many reasons!The mistress was very strict, she did not smile or care much about us! We had to line up in straight lines, we weren't allowed to talk, we had to wipe our feet before entering after having a hand and show inspection and the boys had to wear a cap, removing it when going inside. We had many experiences (boys and girls seperately) where the the boys made candles and the girls made lavender bags. All children experienced an English and maths lesson where they wrote on a slate board, practising very bori

This week in Hereford Class

This week in Hereford ClassWhat a fantastic trip Hereford had to Sevington Victorian School - details will be found on the blog (once Miss Holden has loaded the many photos that were taken. We hope the children enjoyed the experience. We know many of the children prefer Amberley school! Children will be discussing the changes in history and school life by writing a recount of our day. We are continuing our writing unit of non-chron reports, where we are writing about 'earthlets' based on our story. In maths Y1 children are looking at place value and the value of digits in the 'teen' numbers whilst Y2 are using mental strategies to add. Please send children into school with some money tomor

This week in Belted Galloway class

This is an exciting week in Belted Galloway class. Following the children developing the structure and characterisation in their narrative work, they will all have the opportunity to plan, draft, edit and produce a polished final piece for a national writing competition. The children will obviously be putting their writing skills to the test, but they will benefit greatly from organising their time to complete this activity. They will take part in a number of maths assessments this week, which will not only show us how far they have come this year, but will also allow us to plan the next chapter of their learning. We are excited to be taking part in a Computing School trip on Thursday: we wi

This week in Dexter class

What a lovely start to the week! The children have decided that Grandpa Charlie, our class puppet, will be having a birthday party. They have planned out what they will need and have set about creating. We have already made wrapping paper using repeating patterns by drawing around 2d shapes, playdough party food, which we have shared on the party plates, and bunting! It looks like he will have great fun celebrating! In phonics, we are learning the sounds u, r, ck and h, and will be recapping all the sounds and words we have learned so far. In maths, we are continuing to develop our accuracy in 1:1 correspondence counting and will be looking at the properties of 2d shapes. We are looking forw

Parental Controls for home devices

Using parental controls on your network and devices at home can help in keeping your child safe online. Internet matters have produced detailed step by step guides for improving your parental control on a variety of systems and devices.

In Hereford Class this week

What tired children we have! We have had another busy beginning to the week, having a go at some spelling and reading assessments, which the children have done brilliantly on! We have began a new English journey on non-chronological reports where we have found the features. We are basing our topic on Dr Xargle's book of earthlets, which is really funny! We are concentrating on addition and subtraction this week where Y2 are adding three one digit numbers, a two digit numbers and 10s as well as two two digit numbers whilst Y1 are adding using a number line and moving onto application and deepening problems. We have been looking at materials in science and describing their properties using ad

This Week in Friesian Class

This week, we will continue with our independent stories. The children have come up with their own story line and have done brilliant character descriptions for their new characters. In maths, we will continue with addition and subtraction, focusing on mental methods for both. We had a fantastic art day last week where we made Egyptian Death Masks. This week, we will continue with these and start painting them according to the children's designs. In RE, we will continue with our unit on Hinduism, looking at the belief that everybody possesses a 'spark of God' and what this means in day to day life. Swimming will continue as normal. Thank you for your continued support.

This week in Dexter Class

This week in Dexters we will be learning the sounds g, o, c and k and will be using our phonic knowledge to blend sounds together to make words. In maths, we will be improving accuracy with 1:1 correspondence counting and ordering numbers. We will be investigating how different combinations of Numicon tiles can be used to create the same number and throughout the week we will be writing stories as well as visiting the 'finger gym' to strengthen our core and hand muscles. We aim to welly walk on Tuesday afternoon, so please make sure that your child has their waterproofs in school. If you have not done so already, please could you return your photo permissions forms asap, so that we can start

This week in Belted Galloway class

This will be a busy week in Belted Galloway class. On Tuesday, eight boys and girls will be representing the school at the Atlas Sports Football tournament in Painswick. Throughout the week, the children will have the chance to create their own short stories inspired by the animation Ruin that we have been studying this term. Monday will be full of code cracking in maths as the children apply their skills to solve mathematical mysteries, while in computing they will be continuing to develop their coding skills. ​In Science later in the week, the children will develop their understanding of materials by looking at how to separate a range of mixtures using filtering, sieving and evaporation

Helping 8-10 year olds spot manipulative behaviour online

COEP’s three-episode animation for 8-10 year olds helps them to learn how to spot pressuring and manipulative behaviour online and to stay safe from other risks they might encounter online. Find out more using this link:

This week in Belted Galloway class

Belted Galloway class will begin the week by voting for their class representatives for the School Council. All children were welcome to put themselves forward, and they were expected to make their own decisions about how to run their campaigns. Music and History take their turns in our rolling timetable for certain subjects this week: we will begin a block of music work inspired by 'Livin' on a Prayer' by Bon Jovi, while we will be using our deduction skills in exploring the Mayan number system and their belief system. Art work this week will centre around developing a sense of perspective in sketch work. In English, the children will use the skills of character, setting and action depictio

This week in Dexter Class

What a great start to the week, we have already had climbing competitions, car washes, space rocket control centres, police stations and mermaid hunters helping us to further the skills we have been learning in phonics and in maths. Throughout this week, we will be learning the sounds i,n,m and d and working on our oral blending skills in order to develop pre-reading skills. We will also be looking at number formation and accurate 1:1 correspondence when counting. In RE we will be going down to the church to the 'Experience Harvest' enrichment to learn about harvest festivals. On Friday, the children will be in assembly for our own school Harvest Festival led by Friesian class. We hope you c

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