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Welly walk

on Tuesday, Hereford class joined the Dexters on their welly walk and undertook a series of challenges. There was great cooperation in play as the children worked together to build dens, bug hotels, journey sticks, sticky pictures and much more!

This Week in Friesian Class

This is the week we have been leading up to! Reports went out on Monday and the school play will be happening at 1.45pm and 6.00pm on Tuesday. We would love to see you there. I will be around to discuss any queries you may have about reports on Thursday after school. Please email me or speak to the office if you would like to make an appointment. ​ On Friday, we have a whole school enrichment day and the children will be working in their houses with the older pupils to complete a series of challenges. Thank you for all your support.

This week in Dexter class

This week In Dexter class we have the pleasure of watching two shows; the KS2 performance and one at Amberley Playgroup. As a result, there has been much interest in putting on shows for the class! In Phonics this week we are looking at high frequency words, words with two syllables and ccvcc words. In maths we are developing our knowledge of money and have been working out ways in which we can make 10p, using different coins. We will be welly walking with Hereford Class on Tuesday afternoon and visiting Amberley playgroup on Wednesday morning. On Friday we have a whole school enrichment day and the children will be working in their houses with the older pupils to complete a series of challe

This week in Belted Galloway class

Our final full week in Belted Galloway this year is full-to-bursting! On Monday, we will have our dress rehearsal of our summer show, Pirates of the Curry Bean. Tuesday will see us completing both our afternoon and evening performances, while on Wednesday we will take part in a school trip to attend a cricket match at the Cheltenham cricket festival. On this day, we will be partly watching the match and completing learning tasks linked to what we see, and partly doing cricket-related PE activities led by staff from Gloucestershire County Cricket Club. Thursday will see Year 6 children take part in their final Relationship and Sex Education lessons, while Friday we will be working with childr

The Family Mile

Please join us after school for a mile long walk up onto the common, as part of our family daily mile initiative.

This Week in Friesian Class

Our Roman trip was a brilliant start to the week! Although it was hot and we had a long journey home, we had a fantastic day and the children learnt a lot about Roman history. A huge thank you to Alfred's mum, Julie. She used to work at the museum and currently works as an archaeologist, so she was a very helpful tour guide for the day! This week, we will be finishing off our 'Journey Tale' unit. The children have written their own versions of a journey tale and we are extremely pleased with all of their fantastic ideas. We will be doing lots of practise for the play this week. Please encourage children to practise singing the songs and saying any lines that they have at home. It is forecast

This week in Dexter class

What a wonderful start to the week! On Monday afternoon, the children decided to make a water park for Lego people, complete with slides, boats, swings and an aquarium! They spend considerable time and energy working out the bast way to make their boats float, experimenting with guttering and pipes to create water ways and building swinging platforms that were suspended from crossbars. The critical thinking was fantastic to see in action. As well as this, the safety conscious among the class designed and wrote warning signs which led to class discussions about safety in the sun and around water. This week we will be looking at time in Maths and will be focusing on the long vowel digraphs in

This week in Belted Galloway class

This week, Belted Galloway class will be in an industrious and dramatic fervour as we put together the final touches for our summer production of Pirates of the Curry Bean. Costume, stage design, singing and acting practice and receiving and responding to feedback will form our week as we gear ourselves up to our technical run through at the end of the week, and our dress rehearsal on Monday of next week. The children are enjoying the experience of putting on a show, and their confidence and ability to respond to direct feedback has been really pleasing. Soon it will be time to 'break a leg'!

This Week in Friesian Class

Well, it's been another sunny start to the week! This week we are continuing with our English story writing. In maths, we are recapping what we have been learning over the course of the year. Please remind children that they need to practise their times tables and the corresponding divisions. The Year 3's need to focus on the 3s, 4s and 8s and the Year 4's, all times tables up to 12 x 12. We will be doing a lot of play and singing practise in preparation for the summer production. Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any queries about costumes. Swimming has now finished for the year so the children no longer need their kit. Outdoor learning has also finished, however, Mr Oakey will be b

District Sports

Thank you to all children who competed in this year’s District Sports. All children showed true determination leading Amberley to come within the top 3 of most races and events. Amberley came third behind Bisley Blue Coat and Brimbscome Schools in the Field Events which consisted of throwing and long jump and eighth out of twelve in the track events leading us to take sixth place overall.

Sports' Day 2018

Sports' Day 2018 Gold medals aren't really made of gold. They're made of sweat, determination, and a hard-to-find alloy called guts. I think you will agree that this year’s Sports Day was a huge success. It gave the children the opportunity to showcase some of the skills they have learnt in P.E with Mr Spurrier, such as: standing long jump, football and netball skills, an army assault course and sprinting to name just a few. The children came into school excitedly wearing their team colours and worked together to earn team points throughout the day. The morning consisted of a variety of activities, such as football relays and bean bag target throws that the children completed in their house

This week in Hereford

Looks like this week is set to be another scorcher! Please remind children to apply their sun cream before school and drink plenty! We are continuing to encourage this as well as them wearing their sun huts! In English we are starting a new journey, looking at list poems. We will be learning and reciting 'The Sound Collector' and innovating this to include our own onomatopoeia and description. We are continuing with our money topic this week before moving onto time and revising o'clock and half past for Y1 and 5 minute intervals for Y2. We have been scientists this week by looking at the different conditions to grow plants in. We have made predictions and planted seeds in the following condi

This week in Belted Galloway class

This week, Belted Galloway class will be focussing on the backstage side of putting on a production. We will be constructing staging, and solving the problems of moving our acting into a more restricted space, as well as using art time to design covers for the show programmes and the tickets. Our acting and singing will move up a notch as we will be setting full scenes, involving lower Key Stage 2 in rehearsals, and moving away from relying on our scripts. Mr Stanhope, Miss Waugh and Mrs Easey have kindly offered to donate their time and their expertise this week so the children will be working with singers and actors. Year 5 children will have the opportunity to show how much they have impr

This week in Dexter class

With the lovely weather continuing (and our vegetable garden wilting!) we have already had a great start to the week. The children's interest in paper planes has taken us into some science work already this week. the children demonstrated their listening skills as they followed instructions for making planes and then discussed whether big planes would fly further than small ones. They made their predictions and found ways to test their theories by measuring with a range of instruments. Planes soon moved aside for parachutes and more experimentation and critical thinking was involved. In phonics we are reviewing ccvcc words and applying our phonetic knowledge and recall of high frequency word

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