At Amberley Parochial Primary, we think that it is imperative that we give pupils a voice and listen to what they have to say. The Amberley School Council is governed by Mrs Apew, but is run as a council by the council themselves. The children serving on the council have been voted into their positions as class representative by their peers and have the important role of bringing the opinions and questions of their classmates to each meeting, as well as reporting back to their class. They have a wide variety of roles, from taking part in the interview process of new members of staff, to organising charity fundraising.

The Council have an elected chairperson, vice chair, secretary and treasurer and run their council meetings in the same way as you might expect adults to, with and agenda and minutes.

If you have something that you would like your school representative to raise at the next meeting, please speak to them.

Amberley Parochial Primary

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