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Reflective, Independent and Aspirational Learners at Amberley

"Whoever has ears, let them hear"
Matthew 13:9
The Parable of the Sower
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As reflective learners, we have the opportunity to look inward to meditate on life's big questions, to reflect on our experiences, and to explore our own insights and those of others.


During the year, we hold regular Prayer Spaces days where all members of the school community are invited to reflect on the big questions of faith and life experiences. 

Children are actively encouraged to think deeply about their thoughts, words and actions, and to take the time to consider what changes we can make to better ourselves. 

As independent learners, we have the knowledge of God's love and support to help us on life's journey.

Ourselves, Our community, Our world

Congratulations to R, who recently decided he needed to make a stand having been frustrated at seeing single use plastic straws and a brand of chocolate spread, which contains palm oil, in a local cafe. R wrote to the owners to highlight his concerns and, as a result of his actions, the cafe have withdrawn plastic straws and the brand of chocolate spread across their chain of cafes. 

R spoke during assembly, to remind us all that we have the power to make a change, not only for ourselves, but for our community and the wider world. 

Congratulations to I and S, in Year 2, who, after learning about Waunifor Primary School in Kenya, for whom we are trying to raise funds to buy reading books, went home and emptied their money boxes in order to donate. What a wonderful example of Christian values in action!

Congratulations to H, who collected beautiful pebbles,  and then sold them in school to raise money for the Shared Universe Foundation. We love the fact that you have chosen to support a charity which raises awareness of the plight of endangered animals. 

As aspirational learners, we use the parable of The Sower to understand that if we hear God's word, we will go on to lead fruitful lives, governed by our Christian values.

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Congratulations to A, who supported the British Hen Welfare Trust, who find caring homes for thousands of commercial laying hens each year. She not only baked cakes and sold them in order to raise money, but raised awareness by talking to us about the work of the charity. She highlighted the poor conditions which many hens are kept in and explained the re-homing scheme which aims to save hens who are no longer considered useful in the commercial industry.  Because of A's work, 6 more chickens have been rescued and she was given recognition in their monthly newsletter! 

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