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We believe that, here at Amberley, we provide the rich soil that enables our children to develop deep roots and flourish.     

Our children are at the heart of our unique community and our aim is to create confident, well-rounded and motivated children, who are guided by strong Christian values.

We are part of the Diocese of Gloucester Academy Trust (DGAT) family of schools. 

I hope that you find our site informative and helpful in answering any questions you may have.

The Amberley Vision Wheel incorporates all the elements of our school vision; the foundations we believe are necessary for each of us to grow into strong adults who lead fruitful lives. 
The vision permeates through everything we do, using core Christian values and biblical teachings as vehicles for life. 
Please click on the Vision and Values tab for more information. 
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We use the Parable of the Sower to unite our school community in its understanding of what we hope to achieve. The story helps us to understand the elements that are needed to grow into reflective, independent and aspirational learners for life. 


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