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Our aim is to create confident, well-rounded and motivated children, who are guided by strong Christian values.  

I hope that you find our site informative and helpful in answering any questions you may have.

The Amberley Vision wheel incorporates all the elements of our school vision; the foundations we believe are necessary for each of us to grow into strong adults who lead fruitful lives. 
 The vision permeates through everything we do, using core Christian values and biblical teachings as vehicles for life. 
Please click on the Vision and Values tab for more information. 

We use the Parable of the Sower to unite our school community in its understanding of what we hope to achieve. The story helps us to understand the elements that are needed to grow into reflective, independent and aspirational learners for life. 


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This week in Dexter class, we are developing our work on sorting and grouping in maths. We have already heard the story of The Button Box by M. Reid, and have used Mrs Crampton's button box to sort, match and compare the buttons. We will have several stories to help our mathematical minds throughout the week!

In RE, we are learning about the signs and symbols that different groups use to show that they belong together. We will be using our fine motor skills to make crosses and will also look at the religious symbols for other faiths.

In phonics, we are learning the sounds i, n, m and d, and will be using these sounds, and the ones already learned, to read and write simple words. The children have all had a fantastic start to their reading and writing journey and it is lovely to see them so enthusiastic about their learning.  We will also be trying to sight read (not sound out) the high frequency words  is, in, it and at. 

In English, we will be continuing with our story of Noah's Ark and will also be learning about the country of Iceland. We have already received a postcard from The land of fire and ice, and are looking forward to finding out more about why it is called that. 

We will be welly walking on Tuesday afternoon, so please make sure that your children have some suitable trousers/ leggings and wellies, as well as a coat. 



This week we are really excited to be writing our own versions of ‘Peace at Last’ by Jill Murphy. The children have worked really hard to retell, order and box up the story. We are spending some time on comprehending the story before breaking it down and writing the separate parts. (Beginning, middle and end for Year 1 children and opening, build up, problem and resolution for Y2)
We are moving onto addition this week. Y1 will look at adding within 20 whilst Y2 will be adding 1 digit numbers to two digit numbers. We are looking forward to sharing this learning with Mr Beech and Miss Cale when they come into our classroom on Wednesday.
In RE we are looking at the Shahada, which are the words of the Muslim declaration of faith. The children really enjoyed listening to stories of the Prophet Muhammad and were able to explain why he was important to Muslims.
Last week, in history, we looked at Neil Armstrong and this week we will be studying Christopher Columbus and Sir Tim Berners-Lee. We will look at what they became famous for, and understand chronology by ordering their life events.
A reminder that children can come to school in their PE kits on both Thursday and Fridays.
We are providing children with break time snacks and whilst you are welcome to provide them for your child, we do have plenty of fruit to go around.


This week in Friesian Class we have started our new story writing journey by retelling the story of Hansel and Gretel. We will be continuing our journey this week by boxing up the different sections and answering comprehension questions.

In maths, we are building on our knowledge of place value to be able to compare and order numbers.

In RE, we will be answering the question: ‘What are some of the ways that Hindus worship?’.  We will be learning about the different ways that Hindus choose to worship as well as exploring what Hindu murtis express about God.

‘The Great Friesian Bake Off’ is happening this week! The children will be working in groups to make their own individual trifles, building on each layer over three lessons. We will be working together to follow recipes, weigh ingredients and use utensils appropriately. Each child will have their own trifle to take home and enjoy on Wednesday.


We will be starting new topics in both English and Maths this week. In English we will be beginning some work on persuasive writing, looking at adverts and letters, so be prepared for your children to come to you with some compelling arguments about staying up late! In maths we will be looking at revising, developing and extending the children's grasp of subtraction. The children enjoyed working through the learning stages last week, and they responded well to asking for teaching when they hit a specific barrier. Hopefully this will continue in our work on subtraction. We will be completing our block of work on Forces this week, with the children planning, carrying out and drawing conclusions from their own fair tests.




All Dexter Class 
















Our Latest News

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We had some really exciting news this week: the Gloucester Diocese has decided to choose a piece of art work from the competition they held in February, for their Christmas card. They have chosen Decca’s art work. When the card is produced I will share it in the pink letter. Decca completed a lovely explanation of the art work that she made.   Artist’s explanation: “A candle gives light in the darkness. If the world was dark, we wouldn’t be able to see all the wonderful colours in the world. The colours in my painting are happy thoughts. If we respect and love each other, the world and all of God’s creation, we will have light in our lives.” Well done, a fantastic achievement to be chosen out of all the Gloucestershire schools.

More fantastic news: The Gloucester Diocese has agreed to fund our Eco Pod which will be going in the Planny. We envisage that the pod will be used for a number of things such as music lessons, small group work, external meetings, quiet room for reflection and also a possible area for an after school club.  We are so excited and would like to thank everyone who has supported our PTA as without their funding, this could not happen. School has to pay 10% of this cost from a charitable source. As we have a fantastic PTA and generous parents, this can now happen to support all our pupils.

I met with the PTA via Zoom last night.  They are keen to think outside of the box to ensure that we can complete some fundraisers but more importantly hold some fun activities for the children to take part in, taking into consideration government guidelines. The PTA are DESPERATE for members and would like some volunteers to join the team. As I have just mentioned, at school we have had many things funded from the PTA such as: a shelter for Dexters, new lighting and fire alarms, new ceilings in three classrooms, a new office and frontage that ensured safeguarding procedures were adhered to, benches, all four classes refurbished, a new hall floor, interactive boards and painted hall. This list does not even include additional things like musical instruments, classroom funding, outdoor learning equipment or coaches for PGL. The list is endless, and none of this could have happened without the PTA’s funding. It is vital that we support and join our PTA to keep the school a better place for our children.

I would like to take this opportunity to ask that those children who prefer to bring in their own snack for break time instead of taking advantage of the fruit and vegetables on offer, do not bring in any nuts.  We have a child and member of staff at school with a nut allergy.  Many thanks.

All correspondence from school is of great importance and Mrs Russell spends much of her time ensuring it is up to date and relevant.  There are a number of documents for you to refer to regarding COVID-19.  Please receive with consideration and read. 

Thank you for social distancing during pick-up and drop-off timings.  This supports all staff at school to feel less anxious and safe when welcoming and accompanying your children at the start and end of the school day.


The main role of the PTA is to raise money and develop social links which enrich the lives of the children that come into the Amberley family.

There are a number of events that we organise throughout the school year, the main ones being the Christmas Tree decorating party, the Cow Hunt and the Summer Event. These are important events in the school calendar and are always lots of fun to be involved in.

The PTA also help towards the added extras at school. We help provide many of the enriching elements that your children use, see or do everyday during their time at Amberley. These include the Christmas panto performance and lunch, contributions towards class trips and classroom budgets. 


As a Voluntary Aided Church school, the school is required to contribute 10% of the cost of a project for which we request funding from the Diocese. These projects are largely for maintaining the school building and grounds. Recent projects have included the outdoor shelter in the Dexter outdoor classroom, the refurbishment of the classrooms, the upgrade of the central heating and electric systems, the development of the office and entrance areas and the gates limiting access to the sides of the school. The money contributed must come from a charitable organisation, which includes the PTA. By donating funds raised by the PTA, the school is effectively able to turn each £1 donated into £10 towards costs. If the school were to use its own budget to fund such projects, it would have to pay the full amount itself. 


The PTA changes every year and we only allow a two year stint in order to give everyone an opportunity to get involved.

Our current Chair is Robin King.

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As the new academic year escalates, I thought this would be good timing to remind parents/carers of the changes to the free school meals application process. Last year GCC launched an online portal for parents/carers to apply for their child/rens free school meals and to date GCC have received over 10,000 applications. GCC have recently conducted a survey with parents/carers that used the portal and the feedback was very encouraging and they were happy that there was this on-line facility. GCC therefore want to continue to encourage parents/carers to self service using the GCC on-line system.


GCC have a new dedicated email address for Free school meals which is


Please make your application online where possible by Saturday, 31st October 2020

Advise and guidance on the process and all Secondary School Admissions Policies are available to parents in the Secondary School and Academy Information and Guidance Booklets which are available to view online at


Every Monday morning, the children attend church for school worship at 9:05am. This is currently on hold as per COVID-19 recommendations.

All parents are welcome to attend services once they resume. 



Breakfast club will resume in September. There is a daily charge of £4 per child. 

Booking forms will be available through the breakfast club, the school office or the website.



In recent years’ the number of children attending education settings with a variety of medication needs has increased.  For this reason, medication training has been completed, however any medicines requiring administering is still preferred to be administered by a parent/carer.  The school needs to take into consideration not only the needs of the child but also those of the staff team and others such as the LEA, OFSTED and Healthcare Professionals


Please administer any medicines before school and inform the school office of dose administered and I will monitor your child throughout the day and contact you should the need arise


Amberley Parochial School provides free milk for under 5's and a subsidised price of around £14.00 per term for children over 5.

To register your child for school milk



  We have succeeded in raising enough money to buy an offset to remove from the atmosphere the 32.19 tonnes of CO2 Amberley School's electricity and gas produced last year.  We hope you enjoy watching the bees coming to your bee friendly plants next summer!



September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and we are looking to support the 'BCRT used postage stamp appeal' to raise money for the Bone Cancer Research Trust (Charity Number 1159590), the leading charity dedicated to fighting primary bone cancer, and would love the support of your school and connections.

We are looking for used and new postage stamps from the UK and overseas, and any amount at any time of the year is very much appreciated. Every stamp sent will help, even if you get a few stamps a year for your birthday or Christmas.

Instead of throwing away your stamps, we can raise vital funds to help continue with research, providing information and raising awareness.

Primary bone cancer can occur at any age, but affects mostly children, teenagers, young adults and the elderly. On average 12 people every week are diagnosed across the UK and Ireland. The survival rate for this disease is just over 50% and this has not changed in the last 25 years. With your help we can work towards changing this, so more people have a chance to live!


Should the school need to close due to the weather please access:



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