At Amberley Parochial Primary School we teach phonics using a rigorous planning format which uses elements from  the LCP (3rd Edition) Letters and Sounds document and resources from the RWI scheme.  We use the RWI ‘Fred Frog’ system of teaching letter sounds (pure sounds) using the mnemonic associated with each sound.  Each lesson comprises of 5 parts; Revisit & review, Teach, Practise, Apply, Assess.  Lessons are taught daily for 30 minutes, in appropriate phase groups of approximately 8-10 children, usually at the beginning of each day. 


All teaching areas throughout the school have a simple or complex speed sounds chart displayed, as well as a working wall. 
The wall displays current and relevant information showing previous learning. 

Phonics is assessed according to the assessment timetable and children identified as being at risk of not passing the Year 1 Phonics Screening Test have additional support.

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