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This week in Hereford Class

This week in Hereford Class, Y1 join us permanently in the afternoons as Dexter children will be in their class full time. The Y1 children have had a smooth transition and will be joining in with our Immersion Curriculum, which is very exciting as this week we begin Art - Mark Making. The children will be learning to draw lines of different thickness, adding pattern, texture and tones as well as using colours to colour their work. We will be linking this to maths and creating symmetrical patterns.

In RE, we continue to look at The Creation Story. Last week we read the story and understood what God made on each day. We will be exploring this further and re-telling the story in our own words and exploring what the story tells us about what God is like.

In Maths, we are using the more than, less than and equals signs to compare numbers. Although we have a really fun way of knowing which symbols we should use, we are also being challenged to make sure we know which symbol is which.

In English we are showing off what we have learnt. We have broken down our instructions in great detail, looked at what they contain and practised this across a series of lessons. This week it means that we will have a go at writing a full set, independently. Miss Holden encourages us to use the working wall so that we can remind ourselves and take ideas from our previous learning - this really helps!

Everyone should have received a Phonics' Evening Letter. I would urge all Y1 parents to attend this as it will really help you understand the expectations for reading as well as the statutory phonics check that all Y1 children will take in June 2022. Y2 parents are also very welcome as we touch on the spelling rules which lead from the end of the phonic journey. Please return the reply slips at your earliest convenience.

Outdoor Learning is back this week so please ensure that children have their additional clothes in school on Friday.

Hereford Mark Making Overview
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