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This week in Hereford Class

This week has begun with the immersion curriculum with Mrs Lury whilst Miss Holden has been on a course. The children have been identifying hot and cold places around the world as well as identifying key landmarks and where they are located.

We continue with newspaper reports this week where we are writing our own version of the end of WWII using information that we have previously learnt.

In maths we are learning to tell the time: Y2 have begun with 15 minute intervals, moving onto 5 minute intervals whilst Y1 are looking at half past and o'clock.

Immersion curriculum will continue in the afternoons where we are looking and devising our own maps using compass directions.

In computing we are being researchers and we are using our knowledge of the 7 continents to find out more about them, for example: the countries found within them; animals; weather and other information which the children wanted to find out.

Please remember that children can come into school in outdoor learning on a Friday to save several changes!


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