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This week in Hereford

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of the Hereford families. I hope that you had a fantastic Christmas break and spent lots of time with family and friends enjoying yourselves. I would like to say a huge thank you to both Year 1 and Year 2 parents for your kindness and generosity. The Christmas vouchers and gifts were so lovely and I am very grateful. I feel so lucky to work in such an amazing community.

In RE this week, we begin a new journey where we will be understanding the key question: What do Christians believe God is like? During this week we will be looking at our new Christian value of trust as well as exploring different parables. We will be understanding what a parable is and looking at what The Lost Sheep means to Christians, making connections to the belief that God is a forgiving father.

In English we will be recapping and retelling the story of Hansel and Gretel and we will be learning how to structure a story, embedding key punctuation, vocabulary and grammar.

In Maths, we begin a multiplication unit. We will be looking at different ways that multiplication can be represented: both repeated addition and arrays. This should help with our rapid recall challenge to!

In the Immersion Curriculum we will be studying Geography - we will be geographers and will be exploring Earth. We will look at the countries that make up the UK, the oceans and the continents. Attached is the overview for the whole unit of work with ideas to do at home.

2. WC 3.1.22 Our Earth
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