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This week in Hereford

This week in Hereford we are continuing with our writing journey where we are writing Non-Chronological Reports. We are linking this to our previous learning and writing about the four Seasons that we studied in Science.

In Maths, Year 1 are counting in 5s, whilst Year 2 are adding two 2-digit numbers. We are starting with an expanded version before moving onto the formal written version.

In RE we are thinking about what it means to belong to a faith community. We will be recognising that loving others is important in lots of communities and we will give examples of ways in which people express their identity and belonging within faith communities and other communities.

We move onto a new Immersion Curriculum topic where we will be studying History and WWII. We will be using databases, online resources and artefacts to understand the past. We will walk up to the War Memorial on Thursday 11th as part of our celebration of our topic, remember those who showed service during the wars.

A letter went home on Friday regarding our first trip of the year. We will be going to We Are The Curious in Bristol, which will link with our Science learning: Humans. Please return the permission slip as soon as possible.

Parents' evenings letters will follow shortly. Please indicate the most convenient times for you so that I can allocate you a slot to discuss your children's learning.

A polite reminder: Children get muddy during outdoor learning and need different footwear to those that they wear for PE.


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