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This week in Friesian class

Thank you to all those who helped to make the cow hunt such a success. It was a wonderful weekend and it was lovely to see such support for the school.

In this short week, we have continued our work with Ethel and the children are trying to persuade her to leave her house through writing persuasive letters. Ethel's house is dangerous but she is reluctant to leave as she has lived there for 83 years.

In maths, we continue to work on our formal methods for subtraction and plotting points on line graphs, as well as answering questions about data.

We will go swimming as normal on Thursday.

In computing we will be looking at adding a scoring system to the games we have been designing and will, though this, look at variables in our coding.

In design technology, we will be taking the next steps in our sewing project and will be learning how to back stitch.


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