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This Week in Dexter Class

This week, in Dexter class, we will be focusing on places which are special for different reasons in RE. We will be reading The Big, Big Sea by Martin Waddell and will be talking about why places such as those in the story hold such a special meaning to different people.

In maths, we will be focusing on problem solving and will be using a variety of methods to work out the solutions to different problems such as how many different clown hats can be made with only three colours of pom pom, and what animals might be on Mr Gumpy's boat if there are 14 legs on view!

Throughout the week, we will be focusing on keeping healthy in both body and mind and finding out more about what we can do to maintain a good balance. This will incorporate healthy eating, exercise, good sleep habits, cleaning our teeth and keeping safe, as well as the importance of making time for the things that we enjoy and remembering to have some quiet times of reflection too.


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