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This Week in Dexter Class

This week in Dexter class, we are developing our work on sorting and grouping in maths. We have already heard the story of The Button Box by M. Reid, and have used Mrs Crampton's button box to sort, match and compare the buttons. We will have several stories to help our mathematical minds throughout the week!

In RE, we are learning about the signs and symbols that different groups use to show that they belong together. We will be using our fine motor skills to make crosses and will also look at the religious symbols for other faiths.

In phonics, we are learning the sounds i, n, m and d, and will be using these sounds, and the ones already learned, to read and write simple words. The children have all had a fantastic start to their reading and writing journey and it is lovely to see them so enthusiastic about their learning. We will also be trying to sight read (not sound out) the high frequency words is, in, it and at.

In English, we will be continuing with our story of Noah's Ark and will also be learning about the country of Iceland. We have already received a postcard from The land of fire and ice, and are looking forward to finding out more about why it is called that.

We will be welly walking on Tuesday afternoon, so please make sure that your children have some suitable trousers/ leggings and wellies, as well as a coat.


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