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This week in Dexter class

This week in Dexter Class, we are continuing to learn the story of Handa's Surprise in detail. The children are verbally retelling the story and are using actions (which they have chosen) to convey the meaning. They almost know it 'off by heart' and we will be performing it to Miss Holden at the end of the week. By memorising stories in this way, children build up a repertoire of traditional tales which have been recognised as 'rich' texts for use in Literacy. They provide us with challenging voabulary and have a memorable structure which will help children when writing their own stories.

In Maths. we will be having fun with dice, recognising the number pattern on sight ,known as subitising, so without counting the dots. We will be combining amounts when we add the scores from two dice and recording our results on paper. We will be playing board games and also using the ICT in the classroom to play snakes and ladders and other mathematical based games.

The Dexters are very lucky as they can take their learning outside most of the time if they choose to. Our welly walks offer a different experience and on Wednesday we will be heading down to the Guardianship to explore.

Today we have sent home a letter about reading books. If you have any questions, or wish to discuss it further, please do speak to me or Miss Holden.


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