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This week in Dexter Class

In phonics we will be continuing with Phase 4 CCVC. Children will be learning to read and write words which start with the consonants sm/sk/ (eg. smell,skin), sw/tw,(twin, swim) bl/br, (block,brick) fl/fr (flip, from) and looking at reading the tricky words come(s), here, one, out and what. In addition, we will teach spelling the tricky words -they and are.

In Literacy, language and communication we will be finishing our work on the book Handa's Surprise by rewriting the end of the story and completing a book review. This will link to our work in Understanding of the World, comparing where we live to where the story is set. So far this term, we have looked at schools and daily life and this week we will look in more detail at habitats and farming, comparing Kenya with the UK and also looking at the past and present. We will be launching a new book towards the end of the week.

Our maths journey will continue with 'building 9 and 10' and we will be learning how to add one more, subtract to find one less, composition of numbers to 10, bonds to 10 (2 parts), and make arrangements of 10. Children will take part in practical activities to consolidate their learning before applying what they know and completing application activities in their own books.

Our class worship will continue to focus on this terms value of forgiveness and in RE we will be continuing to explore our key question 'Why is Easter special for Christians?' learning about why people celebrate on Palm Sunday.

I am really looking forward to meeting with you all on Tuesday to discuss your child's progress and next steps. The appointments are 10 minutes long but you can take time to look at your child's work before and after this. If you haven't yet signed up, please do!


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