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This week in Dexter class

We are starting the week by writing about our Sports Day experiences last Friday. We all agreed that we had a fantastic time so we decided to write a simple recount of what happened on the day. I talked to the children about how we speak and write in the past tense when we are writing about things that have already happened. They picked this up really well and wrote some great recounts of the day.

Following on from Sports Day and also lots of hot weather we are talking about keeping our bodies and minds healthy and we are particularly focusing on our teeth this week-this is part of the EYFS curriculum. We will be looking at ordering instructions for cleaning our teeth and then writing our own set. We will be watching a short film about a trip to the dentist and we will also learn a teeth brushing song which the children find entertaining but you may not find quite so fun after hearing it on repeat!

We will be listening to other music to practise appraisal skills and learning more about listening for a pulse/beat. We are hoping to have Mr Howick visit us soon to give a musical performance for the Dexters and talk to the the children about how the music makes them feel, what they like and dislike etc.

The snails are thriving and the worms are keeping the soil turned over. The caterpillars have changed into chrysalis now so we look forward to seeing what emerges as we are not 100% certain as to whether we will see moths or butterflies!

In maths we are looking at spatial reasoning, positional language and rotation of shapes. We have been looking at 3D models of cubes to work out how many there are in a model. This is quite tricky as you can't always see them, some are hidden, so children have to make decisions based on reasoning. We have also played barrier games where one of you builds a model and then you have to explain to the other person how to make the identical model using positional language. This is a really fun activity and something you can do at home really easily.

Finally, I have to apologise as Tapestry has not been available this week. As you know this is where you can find out a bit more about some of the things that are going on in class. I am hopeful that this will be up and running again before the end of the week.


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