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This week in Dexter Class

This week, we are welcoming our Dexter class children to share lunch with the rest of the school. They all really seem to be enjoying the experience and they were particularly happy to meet up with the other older children.

In addition to lots of creative and play based learning,we are continuing with our mastery approach to maths, talking about the numbers 1,2 and 3, how we can count one more, one less, find a 'quantity', 'total' or 'amount' and look at the number of sides on familiar shapes. Whilst this may seem quite simple, there really is so much more to it than just being able to count up to 10,20 or even 100! Children were very interested to see that 3 is made up of three 1's or one 1 and one 2.

We are focusing on another Oliver Jeffers story this week called The Way Back Home. The children are getting a really good understanding of how the stories are structured and later in the week they will have a go at sequencing a set of illustrations, work together to produce a story map and reinvent the story as a group. These are all important skills that they will need once they start to write their own stories. On Friday we will start our PE sessions with Mr Spurrier, and Mrs L. Smith will be teaching Music.


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