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This Week in Belted Galloway Class

This week we will be beginning a whole host of new topics in Belted Galloway class. In English, the children will be starting a block of work on Discussion writing, with a focus of balancing each argument they write about. Initial texts to explore will deal with subjects such as vivisection and school uniform: we will be having discussions about these contentious topics, and exploring how writer's balance their discussions. In Maths, we will be beginning our work on fractions, with a clear emphasis on equivalence. Our Immersion Curriculum topic for the new two weeks will be a History based one: we will be learning about Invaders. This will centre on the Anglo Saxons, but prior to focussing on this era we will explore the chronology in Britain from the Stone Age moving forward. This will give the children an understanding of how specific aspects of history, such as religion, technology and social history, have changed over a period of time. In RE we will be beginning our block of work on Christianity, exploring the idea that God is both holy and loving.


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