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This Week In Belted Galloway Class

The children will be completing a block of work on Natural Disasters in Geography this week, exploring the causes and effects of a range of these phenomena, and looking at the measures humans put in place to control them. Linked to the disaster theme, the children have really enjoyed learning about how to search databases and interpret results in their computing. Last week, they were really excited to interrogate a database outlining the passengers on the Titanic. There was a good deal of excellent maths: the children discovered that almost one third of first class passengers died, compared to nearly five sixths of third class passengers. Following this, the children explored which group of passengers had the lowest rates of survival... and the results were intriguing and unexpected! Evie-Joy discovered that all passengers named John, James, Joseph or William died when the ship sank. This was a particular surprise to James, since these are all the names of the male members of his family! We will continue or interrogation and interpretation this week.


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