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This fortnight in Belted Galloway class

Firstly,I apologise for not being able to update the blog last week. While I was away from school, I received nothing but positive feedback about the class and how they worked with a range of different adults. This was so comforting to hear, and is a brilliant sign about how your children will adapt to having lots of changes and a number of different teachers in secondary school. They had a trip to SKillZONE in Gloucester to look at keeping safe and healthy, and to deal with hazard and risk assessment. The children took so much on board from the trip, and the adults who worked with them were so complimentary about their attitudes and maturity. Miss Cale also worked with them in creating designs for our proposed Spiritual Garden, and she was really impressed with the creativity, thoughtfulness and resourcefulness of the class. This week we will be completing our block of work on discussion texts in English, looking at contentious issues such as should children be able to vote and should the legal driving age be lowered. We will also be completing our RE topic looking at how Christians perceive God as both holy and loving with some reflective art work. On Friday, the last day of the term, we will have our termly GECKO Maths event, where the children will collaborate and co-operate to solve a range of fiendish mathematical problems. Our class novel, The Middler, is continuing to capture the children's imagination. They have come up with a great number of wild and wonderful theories about the characters, and have impressed me with some tremendously insightful comments. It is always great to see children choose to read in front of the whole class, and see their confidence developing as a result.


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