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PGL diary 2

PGL Diaries: Tuesday into Wednesday

Hello again from a much brighter Barton Hall. Following on from yesterday’s update, the weather got very bleak and wet, and our final activities of the day were completed in very wet conditions. This made vertical challenge all the more challenging, with slippery tires and wind-swept rope ladders to climb, but it only added to the adventure. Harry M and Freddie both really pushed themselves in such harsh conditions, and they persevered brilliantly, while Evie-Joy didn’t seem to notice the rain as she shot up the challenge like a squirrel!

After a well-earned evening meal (Finn in particular was raving about the food and his plate was spotless!), we ventured out into the evening rain for our final activity of the day. Miss Cale and Mrs Stevens’ group had a slight shelter for rifle shooting. Gabe and Oliver all showed great technique and scored well, while Nischay was incredibly proud of his bullseye. While this was happening, Mr Beech and Mrs Apew’s group were exposed to the elements tackling the Giant Swing. While we all got very tired and very muddy, it was great fun and everybody challenged themselves. Harry D, Evie-Joy and Jess had wonderful reactions when the pulled the chord and swung through the air: a mixture of elation, total fear and a serious case of the giggles! And Will was such a trooper in taking the lead in pulling the ropes to hoist the swing up into the air: he showed tremendous strength and a real team-spirit that we all appreciated. And he needed to show that strength to help the others pull Mr Beech, Freddie and James into the air for the final swing of the day! Apparently, their screams were heard across the whole site! Poppy epitomised what we aim to get from the week away: she overcame her fears and pushed herself to the top of the Giant Swing, almost without realising, and we were very proud of her.

All the children slept well last night, although Mia, Fen and Chloe slept better than the rest, having to be woken up while all the other children made their way for breakfast! They managed to make it in time to eat, but started the day very bleary-eyed!

Today’s morning activities were Buggy Building and Zip Wire. Noah loved riding the vehicle his team made like a Roman Emperor rode a chariot! All the children teamed up well to create some great buggies, and they demonstrated all the skills they have been learning from Mr Oakey. Zip Wire involved a terrifying leap of faith before an exhilarating descent. Decca and Freida were absolutely fearless in this, and indeed in all of the heights activities. They launched themselves off the tower with huge smiles on their faces! I was particularly proud of Alex as he shouted ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ while he shot down the zip wire, wearing his LFC hoodie with pride!

Alice H and Monty have tackled everything with a real gusto, whether that be eating in the canteen or taking part in the challenge activities. Not only have they challenged themselves, but the way they have quietly supported their peers has been lovely to see.

The sun is now shining and we look forward to a second half of the week in better conditions. This afternoon's tasks involve Jacob’s Ladder, Archery and Orienteering. We hope you are all well and will send another update tomorrow.


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