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Last week in Friesian Class...

We had such a busy and exciting week last week in Friesian Class, so I thought I would share some pictures from the week.

On Tuesday, we visited the church to discuss the building and opening of the new Amberley Shop on the Common. We worked with Alison to share ideas about what we would like to see in the shop and thinking about what resources we would need to keep the shop running. The children were fantastic and impressed Alison with their behaviour and engagement!

On Wednesday, we continued our History topic by learning about life in the Stone Age. We had a rather strange parcel delivered to Friesian Class and to our horror it contained Stone Age faeces for us to investigate to find out what the Stone Age people ate!

On Friday, we continued our Christianity topic in RE by learning about how Christians celebrate Pentecost. We created our own Pentecost display in our classroom by writing prayers and hanging them to represent the tongues of fire that landed on the disciples' heads when the Holy Spirit visited them.


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