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This week in Hereford

Firstly, thank you to the PTA for funding the Art Day we had last week - it was simply amazing. Please see the blog for details about what Hereford Class got up to. Please also come into the school hall to take a look at the art work, which has been put up on display.

This week in Hereford we are writing poems - our final English topic before the holidays.

We will have a final few sessions on telling the time in maths, before moving onto 2D and 3D shape.

In Art, we will finish off our collages of the three little pigs, making a forest scene for their homes.

We will finish our Easter topic in RE where we will exploring how Jesus used his teachings to show Christians how to live their lives.

We will continue to perform in Music where we will be playing notes, using the Glokenspiel with Miss Griffiths and we will finish our Computing where we are 'game testers' - we will look at one final game and make predictions and test these predictions about the algorithms that work behind the scenes.

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to the parents for such a fantastic, positive parents' evening last week. It is an absolute delight to teach your children have such a supportive group of parents. I hope you all have a fantastic Easter break!

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