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This Week in Friesian Class

Friesian Class have started the week with a writing competition! The children have been given two lessons to write a story about anything they like. We have had some fantastic entries so far. This is an opportunity for children to use all the brilliant vocabulary, punctuation and language features that they have learn throughout the term.

On Tuesday, we will have a lesson on problem solving, focusing on creating a list or table to help us systematically solve problems. We will then continue with our fractions and decimals unit.

In RE, we have learnt about the significance of each event in Holy Week and sequenced the events that happened.

In art, we will make more printing blocks ready for our art day next week. Some of the children have started collecting things that they could use for printing, such as leaves, bottle tops, corks, stones, shells, elastic bands and anything else that might create an interesting effect. Thank you for your continued support.

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