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This week in Belted Galloway

Hello and Happy New Year! This week, Belted Galloway class will be starting our new topic - 'Out of This World' - which will focus on the Earth in space. The children have lots of questions that they are keen to try and find the answers to in this subject, and I need to make sure I am doing lots of background reading to keep a few steps ahead!

We will be continuing to use the Piers Torday novel 'The Last Wild' as our main text in whole-class guided reading, and will be focussed on inferring and deducing from the text. It is wonderful to hear all the children volunteer to read in front of the class in out 'Tune In / Tune Out' sessions.

We will be painting in art this term: the children will start by demonstrating their brush control and understanding of paint mixing to create subtle changes in tone, before moving on to carry out work inspired by our space topic.

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