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This week in Hereford Class...

In maths, Y2 are adding and subtracting mentally whilst Y1 are representing and using number bonds and related subtraction facts within 20.

We are using the skills we have been taught during the break down of our recount writing, to write an entire recount. We have been writing a recount from the point of view of Dave (in Dogger) and we will switch this to the point of view of Bella, his sister.

This week in RE we looked at Mystic Nativity by Botticelli. We looked at the characters in the picture and identified them. We discussed the signs that suggest that Jesus is a king. We talked about the gifts that the wise men gave and we discussed why these were given. Children drew pictures in their books to represent Jesus as a king and ways to show how important he is and how he is God on earth.

Nativity practise continues and children will need to know their lines off by heart, by the end of next week as it is creeping up on us!There has been some confusion over the Nativity dates. Two performances will be held on Wednesday 12th December at 2pm and 6pm. Please remember, we have outdoor learning on Tuesdays with Mr Jones. Children need to be in warm clothes to go outdoors as the weather is getting increasingly colder.


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