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This week in Dexter class

What a wonderful start to the week! On Monday afternoon, the children decided to make a water park for Lego people, complete with slides, boats, swings and an aquarium! They spend considerable time and energy working out the bast way to make their boats float, experimenting with guttering and pipes to create water ways and building swinging platforms that were suspended from crossbars. The critical thinking was fantastic to see in action. As well as this, the safety conscious among the class designed and wrote warning signs which led to class discussions about safety in the sun and around water. This week we will be looking at time in Maths and will be focusing on the long vowel digraphs in phonics. We will be welcoming the new starters on Wednesday and Thursday and the children will have the opportunity to be taught by Miss Holden as part of our transition programme. We will not be able to welly walk this week.


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