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This week in Dexter class

With the lovely weather continuing (and our vegetable garden wilting!) we have already had a great start to the week. The children's interest in paper planes has taken us into some science work already this week. the children demonstrated their listening skills as they followed instructions for making planes and then discussed whether big planes would fly further than small ones. They made their predictions and found ways to test their theories by measuring with a range of instruments. Planes soon moved aside for parachutes and more experimentation and critical thinking was involved.

In phonics we are reviewing ccvcc words and applying our phonetic knowledge and recall of high frequency words to write longer sentences. Some of the children have already taken this a step further with facts sheets about a moth that they found and stories that we have acted out.

In maths, we are looking at time and are learning to read o'clock and half past on a clock face, as well as measuring the time it takes to complete different activities.


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