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Health & Wellbeing week in Hereford


Tuesday 5th June 2018

Throughout our recent Health and Wellbeing week, Hereford class have taken part in a wide range of activities to promote the importance of applying the 5 ways to wellbeing, and develop understanding of good spiritual, mental and physical health.

We wanted the children to explore the value of courage.

We had a discussion about what courage meant. We discovered that it means being brave. Doing something that you may be worried about, frightened of or nervous about.

We designed medals and trophies that we thought would be a good prize to give to individuals who regularly show courage.

We also thought about situations where we have already had to show courage as well as things that we are scared of or worry about. We recorded these in our RE books.

We took part in our prayer station day in the hall where we completed lots of activities that supported our value of courage. (refer to our spiritual scrapbook for this) – Connect: we discovered that friends and family encourage and support us during our lives.

We wanted to understand what it means to be healthy and know that sometimes, getting ill is part of normal life.

We looked at ‘being safe with medicine’ scenarios where children decide what they should do in order to stay safe where medicines were involved.

We ran the daily mile – be active: We all ran 12 laps around the school green. This totalled 1 mile. It made us feel really good!

We wanted to promote kindness and understand how making others feel good helps to make us feel good.

We discussed what kindness was: being friendly, generous and considerate of others; showing goodwill to others; being concerned when others are upset or worried; helping people when they need you; doing something nice for someone else, without expecting anything in return.

We talked about how we can show kindness by doing simple things like even just smiling!

We created a random act of kindness chart where each child though of something kind that they could do for someone else. We put all of our ideas in a hat and picked one out each. This week, we hope to have all completed our random act of kindness, which means we can stick it up on the chart. – Give: Please look at our kindness chart which shows the ways in which we have given to others this week

We wanted to learn ways to deal with our emotions.

We discussed all the different types of emotions that we can feel throughout our lives. Children were given a selection of emotion cards where they had to identify the emotion as well as think of a time where they or someone else had shown that emotion. Children to be hot seated where they had to show the emotion and the rest of the class had to identify it. We then talked about how we could help these friends when they feel his emotion.

Children chose an emotion card and painted a picture that reflected this emotion using appropriate colours. – Connect: we thought about ways that we can connect with the people around us so that we can support one another.

We wanted to take the time to pause in our busy lives and appreciate our surroundings, thanking God for his creations.

Children went outside and looked at the world and God’s creation. Children took a leaf and time to look at it. They talked about why they were important. Children then created a wax leaf, reflecting on things that they were thankful for.

Children then thought about ways that they can look after the world. They each picked up a piece of litter and carried it back to school. Take Notice: Children were observant and looked for beautiful things around them. They were made aware of the world around them and reflected on what they were thankful for.

We wanted to understand the importance of eating well and master basic cooking skills.

Children made smoothies and a couscous salad. Children used practical skills such as cutting and peeling. Children discussed the importance of eating ‘5 a day’ and all showed excellent courage, trying lots of new, different foods.

We wanted to understand what a healthy diet is. Children looked at Miss Holden’s food diary. Miss Holden ate a range of foods over the half term holiday and the children had to identify the different food groups that she ate. They then changed the bad foods to good foods.

We wanted to learn about keeping healthy. Children had a visit from Laura, a nurse who works in Gloucester. She talked to the children about hand hygiene. It was really fascinating to see how many germs are passed around, just on objects. We squeezed some ‘germ cream’ onto our hands and then washed them. Lots of our hands were still covered in germs, which shows that we must wash them thoroughly! We bandaged up Charlie the teddy, who had various injuries. We took his blood pressure, temperature as well as wrapping him in bandages, plasters and giving him oxygen.

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