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Health and Wellbeing Week recipe ideas

Try Mrs L Smith's favourite Jamie Oliver breakfast!

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  • 1 eating apple

  • 100 g dried fruit , (I tend to use dried blueberries, cherries and raisins)

  • 200 g porridge oats

  • 1 heaped tablespoon flaxseeds

  • 500 ml unsweetened almond milk , or regular milk

  • 1 large ripe banana

  • 4 tablespoons natural yoghurt

  • 1 handful of mixed nuts , (or use a handful of my Gorgeous granola for a sweeter pot)

  • 2 handfuls of fresh raspberries or blueberries , or a mixture of both

  • runny honey , optional

You will need: 6 portable pots with lids, plus spoons



Coarsely grate the apple on a box grater, then tip into a bowl.

Add the dried fruit (finely chop it first if using larger fruit), porridge oats, flaxseeds and milk, then mix well.

Cover the bowl with clingfilm and leave in the fridge overnight to soak and swell. In the morning, or when you are ready to assemble the pots, give the soaked muesli a good stir, and divide between your pots.

Peel the banana and slice it at an angle.

Top each pot with some sliced banana, then add a spoon of yoghurt on top (this will stop the banana turning brown in transit).

Roughly chop and sprinkle over the nuts, along with the berries.

Drizzle with a little honey (if using), then pop the lid on – don’t forget to take some spoons!



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