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This week in Dexter Class

Wow! What a weekend! Thank you to all of the hardworking PTA, friends and family that made the cow hunt such a success. The children have been very animated whilst talking about it!

This week we will be inventing our own maths games, which will require cooperation and interpersonal skills, as well as those involved in addition, subtraction and reasoning. Today's versions were brilliant and the children were really enthusiastic.

In phonics we will be continuing to strengthen our understanding of digraphs and tricky letter combinations and the children will putting their writing skills into practise in a range of contexts.

We have already had much interest in birds' eggs and a trap has been built in an attempt to capture a bird to have as a pet! Whilst it may not actually happen, the critical thinking involved in the design has been fascinating! We will be welly walking on Wednesday this week.


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