This week in Dexter Class

What a spectacular weekend! We hope that you all managed to get out and about hunting cows and enjoying the fabulous tea tent. Thank you so much to everyone involved.

This week in Dexter class, we will be solving problems involving halving, doubling and sharing in maths, as well as taking part in the the club maths challenges.

In phonics, we will be looking at words that start with three blended consonants and continuing to increase the speed of our recall of high frequency and tricky words.

In RE we will be finding out about Pentecost as well as continuing our work on this term's value, Generosity.

We are hoping to get planting this week and whilst adding to our vegetable patch and flower pots, we will be looking more closely at plant structures and creating some art work. If you have any spare plant plugs that you are happy to donate, over the next few weeks, we would be very grateful.

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