Learning at Home 

In order to support children's learning during the school closure, we will be sending home work for them to continue their learning.  Each class has its own home learning page which can be accessed using the tabs below. 
The websites further down this page will offer additional support and learning opportunities. 

Don't forget, we are only an email away. Please don't hesitate to get in touch if we can help

Please refer to the e-safety blog for updated advice on working online with your children.
This includes information on reporting inappropriate content and age appropriate practical support.

Please be aware that whilst we have checked these sites, we cannot accept responsibility for external content.

The following advice  about supporting learning at home has been created by Gloucestershire Educational Psychology Service:

  1. Expect things to feel a little more stressed - It unusual for families to spend extended time in close proximity to each other and it may be stressful at times. 

  2. Try to have a routine - Routines and predictability can lower stress levels. We all like to know what is going to happen during a day and children are no different. Perhaps create a daily routine together so that there is some consistency. 

  3. It's OK if the routine wobbles - Homes just aren't as structured as schools are and so it's normal for the routine to slip a bit. If creating and sticking to routine is causing more stress than it's worth, then its OK to be more free flow.

  4. Don't try to replicate school - Home is home, school is school. It would be unrealistic to try to recreate a whole school timetable at home. Most children and young people will not want to do this, and pushing this is likely to lead to tension and conflict.

  5. If children are working at home, try to keep work in one place - It's important to have a home-work boundary. Is there a specific place where children can do their work and then keep it safe? If there isn't a specific space, then perhaps encourage children to mark that work has finished e.g. tidying up and dancing to a song!

  6. Help children communicate with their friends - Use Skype groups calls or WhatsApp.

  7. Limit access to constant news streams - It can be tempting to have the news on the TV, Radio or Social Media all the time but such a barrage of information can be stressful for children. Set yourself times to catch up with the news, and then you can share the key points and highlights with children.

LGfL have highlighted the importance of giving children a chance to talk about their concerns and not letting them bottle up fears, especially if they see changes and worry around them. They advise that it is not a good idea to pretend nothing is happening.  They have suggested using the following links to talk to your child:

Coronavirus video series from CBBC Newsround to explain what is happening in a child-friendly way,


Top Ten Tips for 'Talking to Your Children About Scary World News' from the Mental Health Foundation.


For under 7s, this Worry Booklet will help them to explore their feelings.


It may also help if they understand the issue better from a biological point of view.
Public Health England has a series of 'eBug' lesson packs and resources for primary and secondary schools which may help.

Coronavirus book.JPG

A fantastic new book, illustrated by Axel Scheffler, has just been released to help children better understand the Coronavirus. It is available in PDF format via the link below.   

Lucy's lockdown.JPG

Lucy is like many other children in the world right now: in quarantine with her family.  


Her hair is blue, but this time she knows why.


This FREE eBook is designed to help children realise they're not alone in the current conidtions with Covid-19, to help them understand it's temporary and to help them express how they're feeling. 


The book is designed to ensure that all children know it's "okay, sometimes, to have a blue day."

faith at home.JPG

Being at home gives us the chance to be fully known and fully loved by those who share our space because of God’s gift of love through us. It is a call to choose a lifelong exploration of a growing faith, nurtured in the normal everyday elements of life together.

Each week, the Church of England will be publishing a range of content to support families discuss faith, develop their practices and habits together. They will be discussing a different theme each week, all of which relate to the core Christian values. 


Times Tables Rock Stars have given us a free trial during school closure. Your child's login details are stuck into their home learning pack. 

Please use the link below for instructions. 

numbots logo.JPG

Numbots is super online resource to support our children’s maths education in Early Years and Key Stage 1. The creators of Times Tables Rock Stars have produced a platform for boosting addition and subtraction skills, called NumBots. Children's log in details are contained in their home learning pack. 

Please use the link below for instructions. 

oxford owl logo.JPG

Oxford Owl is a site with lots of learning opportunities, including e-books. Children can log in using a class login, before selecting their age to find appropriate books. 

Login details are provided in the home learning packs. 

manga high logo.JPG
white rose.JPG
glos Diocese.JPG
supermovers logo.JPG
classroom secrets logo.JPG
purple mash logo.JPG

Manga High is a maths subscription package aimed at KS2. We have a free trial during closure. Log in details are contained in the home learning packs. 

White Rose Maths are offering home learning packs for each year group, complete with instructional videos. At the point of closure, not all year groups have been uploaded, but the team are working hard to have content ready quickly.

Twinkl is a website filled with teaching and support resources. During the school closures, everyone is able to have a free Ultimate account, which will provide access to multiple resources and guides. Their parent area contains information on aspects of the National Curriculum. 

If the rain persists, then join the BBC Super movers to keep active

Classroom Secrets is offering home learning packs during the school closures and has many resources which the children will be familiar with. They also have free access to their new 'Classroom Secrets Kids' site, whilst it is in Beta testing. 

Coming soon... Purple Mash offers a range of tools for children to develop computer literacy and is also free during the school closures. We will update you when this is available to us. 

Go Noodle have a 'Good Energy' site free for home use during school closures. It provides ways for children and families to move and learn together.

• Movement, yoga, and mindfulness videos
• Downloadable curricular activities
• Recommended off-screen home activities

teach your monster to read.JPG

Teach Your Monster to Read is free to all during the school closures. It has lots of fun phonics and reading games for early readers and those needing more practice. You can use it online, or download the app.

joe wicks.JPG

Fitness coach, Joe Wicks, has a series of PE activities on Twinkl and will also be holding PE at home sessions Mon- Fri 9 am on his Youtube channel

ising pop.JPG

IsingPop are producing a new resource for daily songs/acts of worship. The link below will take you to their Youtube channel. 


Audible are offering instant streaming of a collection of stories, including titles across six different languages. You do not need an account to listen. 

D Walliams.JPG

Every day at 11am, you can listen one of David Walliams’ World’s Worst Children stories, so sit down, take a break, and enjoy 20ish minutes of pure fun! Scroll down on his website until you see 'Elevenses'.

Join Sarah, at Dazzle, to learn routines and dances, and keep active during the school closures. 


The Atlas Sports team have been creating a wealth of activities for children to try out at home. Visit their social media sites to follow them. 


The Scouts have produced a variety of activities to do at home. Visit their Facebook page to find out more.

facts 4 life.JPG

Facts4Life are a Gloucestershire based education company who seek to improve children's understanding of the ups and downs of life, including illnesses. They have produced an information sheet to help parents tackle difficult questions about the pandemic and will be producing a series of resources for home learning too. 

Harper Collins.JPG

Harper Collins have produced a variety of activities to go alongside some of their best selling books. 


Epic! online books are offering a free month trial for families. They have a large selection of books online for all ages. 

messy church.JPG

Join the Messy Church for family fun. Their site has lots of ideas for fun activities. 

They will also be streaming a Messy Easter at home session to use with the live story on
Messy Church - BRF Facebook at 5.00 pm on Sunday 12 April