Elephant Enrichment Day

On Friday 19th May 2017 we took part in an enrichment day focused around an awareness campaign for the conservation of elephants. The children were shown a short film about the Shared Universe Foundation, heard about what they do, and why preventing the extinction of elephant and other endangered animals is important.
Mr Domonic White, a parent from school has been working with the foundation and recently filmed the capture and release of a family of seven African elephants onto the Mapesu reserve in South Africa. We are incredibly grateful for all his hard work and support in arranging the enrichment day.
The Shared Universe Foundation has a clear vision which includes the advancing of research, education and conservation in regard of rhinoceros and other endangered species, along with the provision of strategic support for biodiversity conservation programs and projects. Their emphasis is on the protection and conservation of rhinoceros and other endangered species as well as increasing conservation awareness amongst the people of South Africa and abroad.
The children had the opportunity to use Virtual Reality kits to take part in ‘Natures Racers’ sessions throughout the day and to view a 360 film filmed by Mr White (features below).  Within these sessions the children learned about what a 360 degree film is, what Virtual Reality is, how 360 films are made, and what the film they watched was about.
One of the SUF rangers, Axel, talked to us via internet video call from South Africa and explained about his importance of both his work and the programme as a whole. The children had already prepared questions for him and were fascinated to hear more about the elephants that have been taken to the reserve. 



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Each class also had the opportunity to work with Mr Chris Oakey, who came in for the day to teach the children some wood work and design skills. Each child made a model elephant head, by cutting faux leather heads, whittling tusks from willow branches and drilling holes to hold them in place. The level of engagement was wonderful to watch. 

The older children spent the afternoon creating a sculpture of an elephant head. The activity was captured using timelapse photography (thank you again, Mr White!)

If you would like to have fun at home, learning about elephants or experiencing some of the activities that happened during the day, please use the links below.
    Why not use this tool and modify the game with their own graphics / logic & game play


  2. QUIZ 


  3. WORDSEARCH (elephant shaped) 




  5. MUSIC



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