Dexter Class
Home Learning

Welcome to the Dexter's home learning page.
During school closure,  activities for your child to complete at home will be uploaded to this page.
Everyone will have a different daily timetable due to parental work commitments, family arrangements and access to computers and printers. In light of this, we will be adding a variety of activities which will be suitable for each year group. Please feel free to select the activities which best fit your home circumstance.
Please feel free to get in touch if you have any issues or if you would like to feed back on the activities on offer. 

Please note that there are also a variety of websites and learning opportunities on the whole school learning page.


This page is best viewed on a laptop or PC. 

teach your monster to read.JPG

Teach Your Monster to Read is free to all during the school closures. It has lots of fun phonics and reading games for early readers and those needing more practice. You can use it online, or download the app.

Activities related to counting books can spark a lot of conversation and creativity. These activity cards, from the Early maths collective, are great for printing and using at home and school.

ruth miskin.JPG

Ruth Miskin is the author of the Read Write Inc Phonics series. We use some of these resources in school.  Her website is currently offering video clips and resources for practising phonics daily. 

imagination tree.JPG

Fun craft and learning activities from a home schooling mum. 

Harper Collins.JPG

Harper Collins have produced a variety of activities to go alongside some of their best selling books. 


It will take a little getting used to, but we have been hard at work preparing the school for returning pupils. Everyone will have their own set of equipment and will be sitting apart from each other, as we do our best to social distance ourselves.