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This week in Belted Galloway Class

One of the biggest aspects of our calendar this week is the auditions for our Summer production. The children have voted for the play 'The X-Factory', which has some great songs and some hilarious characters, and the children will be auditioning for parts early this week. On Monday, a number of our class will be representing the school in the regional finals of the Wildlife Quiz, while on Tuesday, two of our class will be representing the school in the KNEX DT county challenge final. We will be focusing on Science this week, as the children complete their topic on Forces with a number of practical and theoretical sessions, with specific emphasis on the 'drag' forces of friction and air resis

This week in Hereford

This week in Hereford Class, we are starting a story topic, which will run over to next term. We are learning the story of ‘Pumpkin Soup’ and will be rehearsing, ordering and retelling. It is a really lovely story because it contains a lot of our Christian values. In Maths we are continuing with our topic of money where we are identifying the coins and using them to make amounts. In RE we are finishing our topic whereby we are looking at how the Church helps Christians to show their teachings from Jesus. We are looking at ways in which Christians show their belief in God and what they do in church. In Geography we are looking at human and physical features of places and comparing Amberley

This week in Friesian Class

This week in Friesian class we will be working with formal methods in multiplying and dividing. In English, we will be beginning a unit on newspaper reports and will be looking at the key features of this genre of text, in order to familiarise ourselves before writing our own after the break. We will be learning to play Yankee Doddle Dandy on the recorder in music and will be looking at musical score and notation. in RE we will be culminating our work on Pentecost by writing invitations to a Pentecost party. We are looking forward to seeing you this evening (Monday 20th 6pm) for our Curriculum and Vision information evening. Please note that there will be an INSET day on Friday, so the child

This week in Dexter Class

As we head towards the half term break, we will be focusing on reading and writing polysyllabic words in phonics and will be using our phonic knowledge to write instructions that use positional language in maths. We will also be attempting the rapid recall challenge and will be using number lines to count on and back to add and subtract. The children have been interested in weighing and measuring recently, and so they have been creating a village shop and post office in which they will be able to role play using a wide variety of skills including weighing, counting, comparing, using money and writing letters lists and signs. At the end of the week we are hoping to visit the Clarkes' farm to


Eco-club are currently working towards winning the School it’s first ‘Eco-Schools Green Flag award’ - The children often say they’d like share some of the activities with grown-ups. If you’re a parent or carer and can spare an hour after School on Tuesdays, we love to have you come and join us. It’s fun and rewarding to see how much the children already know, and how much they care. It’s also a good way to meet other parents and get closer to the School. CAN YOU HELP? Join Us! At Eco-club we learn about global issues such as climate crisis, we look at local species and how to identify them, we go outside and plant vegetables, and we use virtual reality to learn about a

This week in Belted Galloway Class

For all children in Year 6 nationally, this week is SATs week, where the children take part in their end of key stage tests in Reading, Mathematics, Spelling and Grammar. The children have been working hard on their learning, and this gives them a chance to show what they can do. We have fostered a calm and focussed environment amongst the children in year 6, and are pleased about the fact many children were actively looking forward to this week. Year 5 children will be taking part in an outdoor learning project at the guardianship, where they will be collaborating with the reception children. The nurturing attitudes they show are wonderful, and it is a great learning experience to work with

This week in Friesian Class

This week in Friesian class, we will be saying our final farewells to Ethel, who is soon to move! We have had great fun getting to know her and using the experience to further our writing skills across a range of genres. This week we will be continuing our writing journey by writing thank you letters to her. In maths, we will be plotting coordinates on line graphs and learning about the need for accuracy when reading and interpreting such data. In design technology with Miss Holden, we will be continuing with our sewing work and will be learning another stitch. Swimming will take place as usual on Thursday. On Friday, we will be trying to determine errors in lines of code as we debug the c

This week in Dexter Class

This week in Dexter class we will be spending much of our time in the Guardianship with Year 5, who will be joining us for the morning sessions whilst Year 6 celebrate all of their learning throughout their time in Primary School, by demonstrating their capabilities in the SATs. We will be undertaking a variety of challenges that will require the use of many of the learning powers, as well as enjoying the beauty of the natural world (and hopefully the sunshine!) We will work collaboratively to complete art, design and nature based tasks. In the afternoons, we will be returning to class and will reflect on our achievements, what we have enjoyed and what we have found tricky. We will also be u

This week in Hereford Class

This week we will be as quiet as mice whilst we help the Y6 children tackle their SATS. We wish them lots of luck. We are continuing with our maths unit on measures. We have had several separate lessons on weight, length and height and capacity. We have been looking at the different units of measurement, comparing items and reading scales. This week we will be applying our knowledge of these areas but having challenges containing them all! In English we are starting a new unit on story. We will be linking this to one of Pie Corbett's spine books, innovating it (we haven't chosen which one yet!). We will begin this unit on Tuesday after Y2 have completed a peer mark on their non-chron reports

This week in Friesian class

Thank you to all those who helped to make the cow hunt such a success. It was a wonderful weekend and it was lovely to see such support for the school. In this short week, we have continued our work with Ethel and the children are trying to persuade her to leave her house through writing persuasive letters. Ethel's house is dangerous but she is reluctant to leave as she has lived there for 83 years. In maths, we continue to work on our formal methods for subtraction and plotting points on line graphs, as well as answering questions about data. We will go swimming as normal on Thursday. In computing we will be looking at adding a scoring system to the games we have been designing and will, t

This week in Belted Galloway class

This week is the final week before the Year 6 children take their SATs tests, so much of what we will be doing this week will focus around revision in order to keep the children's confidence levels high. They will have the chance to speak to the adults in the class about any aspects of their work that is troubling them, as well as working in pairs to solve a wide range of problems. ​ We will be starting our new class novel, 'Running on Empty', this week, which is a significant departure from previous books we have looked at both in the subject matter and the way it is written. It centres around an 11 year old boy whose parents both have learning difficulties, and it will provide the basis fo

This week in Hereford Class

Wow! The cow hunt was absolutely fantastic - thank you to all of those involved. This week is a busy week in Hereford Class. We are continuing with measurement in maths. After learning all about weight, length and height, we will be moving onto capacity and temperature. In English, following teaching about the structural features of a non-chronological report, we will be applying all that we have learned to a full length piece of writing over the course of the week. In RE we will be looking at the teachings of Jesus and how Christians use them to influence how they act. We will look at a Christian charity who provide food, shelter and help for the homeless. We will think about the Christian

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