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This week in Friesian Class

This week in Friesian class, we will be covering data handling in maths and will be looking at bar charts, pictograms and line graphs. In English, we will continue to visit Ethel in order to gain inspiration for our writing, including diary writing and persuasive texts. In computing, with Mrs Crampton, we will be continuing to look at how algorithms are used to create code. We will be adding characters to the computer games we have started making, and will be using code to tell them what to do. We will be starting our topic on the Stone Age and will be learning about how people lived and making comparisons between now and then. In our design technology sessions we will be beginning our sewi

This week in Belted Galloway

This week, Belted Galloway class will be coming to the end of our class guided reading book, 'The Nowhere Emporium'. It has provided lots of opportunities for writing, interesting discussions and lots of predicting. It is wonderful to read together and enjoy a novel at such a deep level. All children choose to read to the class as part of our 'tune in, tune out' philosophy. While Year 5 will be continuing their writing project on 'The House by the Sea' with Miss Cale, Year 6 pupils are writing descriptive pieces inspired by a much shorter and lighter book: Arthur and the Magic Rope. It is great to see the children take the language of a simple text and work really hard to uplevel it and turn

This week in Dexter Class

This week in Dexter class, we will be continuing with our work on using our phonic knowledge to read longer words as well as developing the speed with which we can read and spell tricky and high frequency words. In maths, we will be further developing our subtraction skills and will be starting to estimate and solve problems involving sharing. Our woodwork area will no doubt be in great demand again this week, as the children hone their fine motor skills as well as developing their creativity and critical thinking. We will be looking at instruction writing and using our woodwork to create our own instructions so that others can have a go at creating similar projects. In RE we will be hearing

This week in Hereford Class

This week in Hereford Class, we are moving onto measurement, weight and length in maths. We will be reading scales and estimating. In English, we are continuing to write our non-chronological reports all about polar bears and using the facts that we have researched ourselves. Thank you to Arianne and Renee who did additional research at home, which has given us even more information to include in our reports. We will continue to be researchers in computing where we will look at finding answers to our own questions about India. In RE we are looking at ways Jesus teaches Christians to live. We are going to be looking at the story of The Tax Collector and looking at how Jesus forgave him. We wi

EYFS woodwork

This week, we have introduced woodwork to Dexter class and, as you can imagine, it has been a big hit. There are a huge number of benefits to woodwork in the Early Years which span the different areas of learning. Children use their literacy skills to write and draw a plan of what they want to make, they follow safety instructions and become aware of taking safety measures and managing risk, they use maths to measure, count and estimate, they think critically about why and how things work and what might need to be altered in order to improve, they develop language skills when explaining their designs and the functionality of their creations, they improve concentration and refine fine motor s

This Week in Friesian Class

Welcome back! We hope you had a brilliant Easter break and managed to enjoy the sunshine over the bank holiday. This week, we will be launching our new topic 'Meet the Flinstones', where the children will be introduced to the idea of life in stone-age times. We will start by learning about how stone-age people survived at this time, discussing shelters, fires, tools and finding food. The children will then create a persuasive advert, advertising the latest stone-age tool. We will then look at the dates of stone-age times and plot key events on a timeline. In maths, we will begin a new unit on co-ordinates. In English, we will be completing drama work based around an old lady called Ethel. Th

This week in Belted Galloway class

Perhaps the biggest focus of the first few weeks is the national tests that the Year 6 children will be sitting from the week beginning May 13th. As a result, we will be spending the next few weeks making sure that your children are prepared for and relaxed about the tests. Can I underline the fact that we want the children to be calm and relaxed about them? By understanding the process and preparing themselves for the tests properly, it will take away much of the nerves and fear of the unknown. I would also like to stress that preparing for the tests is not about teaching to a test, but about revising the key primary school skills that the children will not only need a firm grasp of for the

This week in Dexter Class

Welcome back! We hope that you all had a peaceful break and were able to make the most of the glorious weather. Although this term is a short one, it is action packed and we are looking forward to the learning opportunities we have planned. This week in phonics, we will be developing our knowledge and application of sounds by reading and writing words which combine more sounds, and will be trying to increase the speed of our recall of high frequency and tricky words. In maths, we will be looking at taking away and will be using objects, images and number lines to count backwards. We will also be developing our understanding of capacity with water outside and dried rice and lentils inside, du

This week in Hereford Class

Welcome back! I hope you all had a fantastic Easter break and enjoyed the fantastic bank holiday weather. We will be launching our topic of 'Poles Apart' on Tuesday where we will be looking at weather patterns across the world and exploring different animals' habitats. We will be using our computing skills in order to research information about all of this. This terms topic is a Geography based topic with clear links to science and habitats. You will receive the Summer Term letter and overview this week, which will detail all of the exciting plans that we have in store. If you have any questions about any of this, please don't hesitate to contact me. Following our launch, we will back into t

Online Advertising

In order to help our children understand the influences that are connected to a digital world, we need to ensure that we are aware of how advertisers try to get our attention. Talking to our children about this will help them to identify misleading content. offer advice on how to tackle this, and other internet related issues: ‘Because the internet gives us access to so much information, it’s especially important to help our children to think critically about what they see. It’s hard enough for adults to recognise advertising and resist ridiculous rumours online, but it can be even more complicated for young people. Have you ever looked at a spread in a magazine, on

Red house win dodge ball tournament!

Last Thursday (28th March), Belted Galloway class took part in a mini house dodge ball tournament. The children utilized the skills that they have been practicing and played to win. It was lovely to see the children’s honesty and sense of fair play during the tournament. The overall winners were the red house, taking 40 point The tournament ended with a brutal game of Trust Nobody. Where each child was playing to survive and be the last person standing. What a fantastic afternoon!

This Week in Friesian Class

Friesian Class have kicked off the week with not one, but two school trips! Our trip to Forest Green Rovers was very fun and interesting, we learnt a lot about sustainability, as well as practising our football skills. On Tuesday, we visited Cotswold Forest School, it was wet, muddy and lots of fun. The children really enjoyed building dens and toasting marshmallows on the campfire. In English, we will continue with our writing journey. We are in the imitation stage, where we are re-writing the story of Hansel and Gretel. In maths, we are bringing together everything we have learnt about fractions and decimals this term, taking part in a cross-curricular ICT/maths lesson on the laptops. In A

This week in Belted Galloway class

This will be a very industrious final week of term for the children of Belted Galloway class. The week will start with the children completing a number of their end of term assessments: for the children, this is a chance to work independently, for an extended period of time, to show what they are capable of. We will be going over these assessments with the children after the Easter holidays, where the children will have ownership over their learning and the chance to flag up any area they want more teaching on. By being centrally involved in the assessment process, rather than feeling it is something done to them, the children feel far less worried. We will be spending a significant block of

This week in Dexter Class

This week in Dexter class we will be furthering our phonic knowledge by blending and segmenting ccvc and cvcc words, as well as speeding up our recall of high frequency and tricky words. We will be learning the tricky words come, some, there, here and are in Mrs Crampton and Mrs Smith's group and do, out, all and little in Mrs Smith and Mrs Lury's group. In maths, we will be focusing on time and will be looking at recognising o'clock and half past, as well as timing ourselves to complete different tasks. We have already been talking a lot about recycling this week and have been finding out what happens to the waste that we put in the bin. The children have been really interested in learning

This week in Hereford

Firstly, thank you to the PTA for funding the Art Day we had last week - it was simply amazing. Please see the blog for details about what Hereford Class got up to. Please also come into the school hall to take a look at the art work, which has been put up on display. This week in Hereford we are writing poems - our final English topic before the holidays. We will have a final few sessions on telling the time in maths, before moving onto 2D and 3D shape. In Art, we will finish off our collages of the three little pigs, making a forest scene for their homes. We will finish our Easter topic in RE where we will exploring how Jesus used his teachings to show Christians how to live their lives. W

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