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e-safety tips for parents

Children are embracing more technology – and at a younger and younger age – than ever before. Keeping them safe can sometimes be a challenge particularly if you don’t know where to go for help and advice. That’s why ParentPort has brought together key tips and safety advice and put them in one place.

This week in Hereford Class...

In maths, Y2 are adding and subtracting mentally whilst Y1 are representing and using number bonds and related subtraction facts within 20. We are using the skills we have been taught during the break down of our recount writing, to write an entire recount. We have been writing a recount from the point of view of Dave (in Dogger) and we will switch this to the point of view of Bella, his sister. This week in RE we looked at Mystic Nativity by Botticelli. We looked at the characters in the picture and identified them. We discussed the signs that suggest that Jesus is a king. We talked about the gifts that the wise men gave and we discussed why these were given. Children drew pictures in their

This Week in Friesian Class

On Monday, we had a fantastic day visiting 'We the Curious' (formerly known as '@Bristol'). We wandered around the museum, taking part in all the fantastic interactive scientific activities that they have on offer. We then visited the 3D planetarium, where we watched a fantastic 3D film based around the concept of new life in space. Finally, we took part in a workshop based on our science topic 'States of Matter' where we changed the states of materials by heating them up, cooling them down and putting different materials together to form a chemical reaction. In English, we will finish our non-chronological reports about WW1 and start an independent write based on our school trip. In maths,

This week in Belted Galloway

This week, the children in Belted Galloway class will be applying the skills they have learnt this year in their writing to complete a number of independent tasks where they will be writing in different genres inspired by the book we are currently reading: 'The Last Wild'. It will be good to see the children stretch their creative muscles, and to see how much they have learned this term. Our work in art this term is in the field of collage. The children, after learning a number of skills, will have the chance to make decisions about which skill to use and about what inspiration their work will take. In maths, we will be learning about the order of operations (BIDMAS or BODMAS depending on yo

This week in Dexter Class

This week in phonics, we will be learning the sounds qu, ch, th and sh as well as the high frequency and tricky words the, got, get, to , put, and will. We will be using our phonics knowledge to write words containing these sounds and will be putting our writing skills into practice throughout the week to enhance our play. In maths, we are continuing with our work on addition and being able to say what is one more or one less than a given number. We will also be working on our subitising skills (being able to recognise how many objects there are without having to count them individually, as one might do with a dice). We have now begun to learn the words to the songs that we shall be singing

Keeping safe online

A survey conducted by Mumsnet and Gransnet for the Internet Watch Foundation, a partner in the UK Safer Internet Centre (UKSIC), reveals that one in four parents (25%) in the UK say their children regularly use internet connected devices without adult supervision. The survey, on children’s use of the internet and safety measures taken by parents and grandparents to help them navigate safely, also found that more than half (56%) of children with access to internet connected devices under the age of 4 use them without any parental controls. For hints and tips for how to keep your child safe online, visit

In Hereford Class this week

We have given out or parts in the Nativity now and encourage children to practise these lines as much as possible at home, as well as in school. Children need to know their lines off by heart (Narrators will have their lines on card, but need to be fluent). Nativity practise is full steam ahead and we will be practising this as much as possible, including the songs. In maths Y2 are practising TU - TU and TU + TU whilst Y2 are counting in 2s and 5s. In Engish we are continuing our recount of Dogger, pretending that we are Dave. Children are learning lots of new punctuation, vocabulary and grammar, their writing is improving significantly. In RE we have continued to look at 'Why is Christmas

This week in Belted Galloway Class

As I am sure you are aware, the internet safety of children across the UK has been in the news recently and continues to be a concern. We know that the best protection we can give to young people is knowledge of the dangers so that they are aware and can protect themselves, as well as letting them know where they can go for help and support. In order to do this, our Year 6 children will be taking part in a trip to Waterwells Police HQ in Gloucester, this week, to view a play that deals with the following issues: · What makes a Healthy Relationship, · What makes an Unhealthy Relationship, · Online Marketing Pressures, · Safe internet/social media/ gaming use, · The importance of keeping

This week in Dexter Class

This week in phonics, we will be learning the sounds y, z and zz, and will be learning about capital letters. In maths, we will be continuing our work on more/ less by making estimates about which group has more, as well as saying which number is one more/ one less than a given number. We will also be continuing to develop our knowledge and recall of number bonds to 5. We will be retelling the story of The Little Red Hen and will have a go at making our own bread. In RE, we will be talking about birthdays as part of our learning about Advent and Christmas.

Fire service visits Dexter Class

On Thursday, Dexter Class were surprised to be visited by two Fire Fighters, who talked to them about how to stay safe if they discover a fire by using the ‘3 Outs’ system – get out, stay out, call the fire brigade out. They then showed the children what they wear when they fight fires and Mrs Smith was surprised by how heavy the uniform was. All the children then got the opportunity to sit in the fire engine and try on helmets, oxygen masks and fire jackets. The children then dragged the hose out and shot water down the length of the green. Amberley’s peace and quiet was then momentarily disturbed as the engine showed off its 'blues and twos'. The children continued with the fire theme in t

The Safer Internet Team

The safer internet team offer a wealth of information on their site, for both children and parents. It is well worth a visit.

This Week in Friesian Class

This week we will return to our Ancient Egyptian topic 'Tomb Raiders'. In English, we have started a new writing unit on Non-Chronological Reports. We have started to write our own report about Amberley Parochial School. The children have a lot to say on the subject and are particularly interested in writing about the PTA. In maths, we have moved onto subtraction and are particularly focusing on using the column method for subtracting large numbers. In art, we are learning to draw Christmas decorations using sketching techniques and pencils of different thicknesses. In science, we will take part in an investigation, looking at the properties of different types of soil. Swimming will continue

This week in Hereford Class

This week we have started learning the songs for our Nativity - 'A midwife Crisis!' Children will shortly be given their parts for any lines that they have to learn. We started the week with Rev.John visiting us, giving examples of ways in which Christians use the story of the nativity to guide their beliefs and actions at Christmas. He also talked to us about how the church prepares for Christmas. Rev.John talked to the children about Advent and what happens on each Sunday in the lead up to Christmas. In English, we have started a new journey of recounts. We have used the story of 'Dogger' to help us write from the point of view of Dave, who lost his beloved, soft, brown toy. In maths Y1 ar

This week in Belted Galloway class

This week, Belted Galloway class will be moving onto division in our journey through the number operations. Division is often considered one of the most challenging concepts, so we will be providing more time to practice and offering more adult support for the pupils as they work their way though the stages required to master these skills. The children will also be applying the comprehension skills that they have been practising to an extended comprehension task this week, which will be a good challenge for them. Outdoor learning continues on Tuesday, while the children will be having individual tests on their individual spelling logs, which are made up of words they have spelled incorrectl

This week in Dexter class

This week we will be learning the sounds j, v, w and x and will be focused on using all the sounds that we have learned to blend for reading and segment for spelling. The children will also learn to read the tricky words he, me, we and be. In maths, we are looking at money and will be beginning some simple addition. The children will go on to complete the first of the rapid recall challenges (the three club) using apparatus to help them combine two groups to find a total. We will continuing with our focus child approach and will be talking and learning about areas of interest that have been bought up by the children. This makes their learning exciting and relevant and we have already enjoyed

Roblox safety

Childnet Education Officer Tom offers some top tips for parents to help young people stay safe on Roblox

This week in Hereford Class

What a busy week ahead. Today we had our very first outdoor learning session with Mr Jones where we used tools to practise skills. Y2 were really great in helping the Y1 use the new equipment whilst staying safe. We have finished our English topic of non-chronological reports and will shortly move onto story. In maths Y1 are learning to count in 2s - some children have started this unit on an application activity as they have already proved their understanding in our rapid recall challenge! Y2 are adding 2, 2 digit numbers where the ones do not bridge 10, yet! They are using a method where they partition the second number and then add on the ones and then the tens. In RE we have started ou

This week in Belted Galloway Class

This week will be a busy one in Belted Galloway class. As part of the 100th anniversary of the end of the first World War, we will be learning about the war as a whole, but also its impact on Amberley. We will learn about the ex-Amberley pupils who made the ultimate sacrifice in the war, as well as responding both factually and creatively to what we have learnt. Maths this week will involve the children developing and extending their written methods of multiplication, while in English we will be starting the novel 'The Last Wild', and beginning a block of work on recounts, linked in part to the story and also to eating maltesers!

This Week in Friesian Class

This week we are pausing from our Ancient Egyptian topic to learn all about WWI. We started the week with a church service from Mrs Foreman, who talked to us about the soldiers that gave their lives in the war. She explained that there were soldiers who lived in Amberley and attended Amberley School that joined the army at a very young age. We then came back and learnt a bit more about those particular men from Amberley. We then looked at how the war began and which countries were involved. The children completed a guided reading session based on an information text about WWI. On Tuesday, we will walk down to the Amberley graveyard and visit the grave of Sir Fabian Ware. We will learn about

This week in Dexter Class

This week, we will be learning the sounds l/ll, and ss, as well as the tricky words and high frequency words 'of', 'mum', 'dad', 'and', and 'the'. In maths, we will be continuing our work on pattern and shape and will be looking at the art work of Andy Goldsworthy, who uses natural materials to create patterns. We will be collecting our own natural resources on our welly walk (please ensure your child has waterproofs in school!) and creating our own patterns in a similar style. Throughout the week we will be talking about why poppies are used as a symbol of remembrance and will learn about the first World War in an age appropriate and sensitive manner. It will be a creative week, as the chi

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