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Internet Matters

Have you visited the “Internet Matters” website? It has lots of helpful hits and video clips for improving our understanding of e-safety and is helpfully arranged into age specific information, for helping to protect your child.

This Week in Friesian Class

This week, we have been writing explanation texts based on our science topic, the life cycle of a plant. This is a really good opportunity for the children to write a purposeful explanation text and stick to the genre that we have been learning about. In maths, we looked at how to use simple algebraic expressions to show a formula. We will be moving on to angles in geometry. The Y3's will be focusing on right angles and the Y4's will also look at accute, obtuse and reflex angles. In RE, we have finished up our unit on Christianity, linking what we have learnt to the wider world. Rev John will be coming to visit us during 'Health and Well-being week' to consolidate what we have been learning

This week in Belted Galloway Class

Following the non-stop nature of last week, with Year 5 taking part in their Outdoor Learning project with Dexter class and Year 6 taking their SATs tests, this week feels a lot calmer! Auditions for the end of year production will take place on Tuesday, with the children keen to share their acting and singing skills. There is a real buzz of excitement around the class in anticipation of this. On Monday, we will visit Renishaw for a Science and Engineering day, where the children will consider what the role of an engineer is, and will have a chance to build their own LED torch. Fantastic Friday occurs at the end of the week, and the children are keen to share some of their written work ins

This week in Dexter Class

This week in Dexter class, we will be reading simple recipes to make play- dough and working out how to make double quantities, as part of our problem solving work on sharing, halving and doubling. We will then use our play-dough to create an alternative version of 'Pass it on' (a game we have been creating over the last few weeks, which requires us to use our reasoning skills). In phonics we will be reviewing all the graphemes we have learned so far, developing our ability to read and recall the spelling of high frequency words, practising our letter formation in handwriting, and will also be writing our own versions of Farmer Duck by Martin Waddell. We will not be welly walking this week,

Welly Walking Week

Last week, Year 5 joined Dexter class for a week of welly walking mornings. They worked collaboratively through a series of challenges which included den building, natural art work, whittling, plant identification, bug hunting and home building and much more! The weather was on our side and the children worked hard and had great fun applying their learning powers in different contexts.

Privacy settings

Did you know that most social media sites have a minimum age requirement of 13? Are you and your family adequately protected? The “Internet Matters” website offers ‘How to’ guides for increasing your privacy settings on the major social media sites. Visit their page on Social Networking to find out more:

This Week in Friesian Class

This week, we have been writing our own explanation texts, based on our class book 'The Iron Man'. In maths, we are continuing with telling the time and some of the Year 4's have looked at timetables, using their knowledge of 24 hour clocks. In RE, we have discussed what Christians believe about the kind of world God would have wanted. We then talked about the kind of sacrifices that a vicar might make. In art, we will be continuing with our landscape paintings. In science, we will look at the life cycle of a plant and then write an explanation text explaining the cycle, using what we have learnt in English about the features of an explanation text. Swimming will continue as normal. Thanks f

This week in Belted Galloway Class

This week, Year 6 will be tackling their end of key stage tests, commonly known as the SATs. They will sit tests in English (Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling, and Reading) and Mathematics (Arithmetic and Reasoning). They have worked hard in their preparation for these tests, and they are both calm and focussed, and are looking forward to the week. We don't see SATs week as the culmination of what they have been learning though: these tests are another check point on their learning journey, which assesses the skills that they need to be secondary ready. Year 5 will be taking part in an outdoor learning project, working with Dexter class and planned by Mrs Crampton. In addition to the critica

This week in Dexter Class

This week in Dexter class, we are delighted to be joined by year 5, with whom we will be spending most of the mornings completing a series of outdoor learning challenges. Hopefully the weather will remain on our side! Please remember to send your children in wearing their welly walking gear (long trousers, sun hats and pre-applied sun cream, please!) In our phonics sessions, we will be continuing to learn high frequency and tricky words so that we can read them from sight. In maths, we will be looking at doubling, halving and sharing problems and how we can solve them. Part of this will be through inventing new games, where the rules are only that you must use the equipment you have been giv

Child Mode

Many of our children now use apps on smartphones and tablets. Some devices come complete with a ‘child mode’ that can prevent your children from accidentally leaving the app they’re using and coming across other things accidentally. Child safety ‘locks’ are also available as downloadable apps for mobile devices.

This Week in Friesian Class

This week, we will begin our new writing unit on 'Explanation texts'. We will start by reading a range of explanation texts and highlight the key features. The children will then have a go at writing their own explanation text, linked to our class book 'The Iron Man' by Ted Hughes. In maths, we will continue with time, focusing on converting seconds to minutes and minutes to hours. We will also discuss days in a week, weeks in a month and months in a year. It would be very helpful if the children could practise telling the time at home. All the children are at a different point with this but starting with quarter to and quarter past is a good place to start. Once they are happy with this, th

This week in Belted Galloway Class

This week, the year 6 children in Belted Galloway class will be making their final preparations for their end of key stage tests that they will be sitting next week. The children will be taking part in maths and SPAG clinics, working in small groups to overcome difficulties they face and flagging up aspects of the curriculum that they need support with. They will, and have, been getting used to the structure of SATs week so it doesn't come as a shock to them. The children are enjoying their learning and are aiming to achieve new personal best scores all the time. Year 5 children will be adding drama to their studies of the Highwayman, which will enhance their understanding of the poem and th

This week in Dexter Class

Wow! What a weekend! Thank you to all of the hardworking PTA, friends and family that made the cow hunt such a success. The children have been very animated whilst talking about it! This week we will be inventing our own maths games, which will require cooperation and interpersonal skills, as well as those involved in addition, subtraction and reasoning. Today's versions were brilliant and the children were really enthusiastic. In phonics we will be continuing to strengthen our understanding of digraphs and tricky letter combinations and the children will putting their writing skills into practise in a range of contexts. We have already had much interest in birds' eggs and a trap has been bu

Think U know?

Please help us reinforce our safer internet use message by talking to your child about how to stay safe and let them know they can come to you if they find themselves in any sort of trouble. Thinkuknow has some useful advice on this. (

This Week in Friesian Class

This week, we are planning and writing our own versions of a warning tale. The children have been planning in groups but will then adapt the story when they come to writing it, in order to make it their own. In maths, we have started a new unit on 'time'. We will look at telling the time to the nearest five minutes (Y3) and nearest minute (Y4). We will also look at how analogue clocks are converted to digital clocks. Many of the children will be applying their knowledge of time to some tricky word problems. We have received video messages from our pen pals and we will begin filming our responses. Weather permitting, it would be nice to do these outside, so they children can show their pen pa

A visit from the vet

Today we were lucky enough to have some of the wonderful team at Clockhouse veterinary hospital come and visit us, along with two of their dogs. Before the visit, we talked about what we could do to make sure that noone was upset or hurt and how we could keep the dogs calm. The children helped to write a risk assessment and came to the conclusion that there was more learning to be done, than there were risks. The class were shown a poster (a copy of which has been sent home) that showed different dogs. Some of them were happy and some were not, and might hurt someone. We talked about how when a dog shows its teeth, it is not smiling, but trying to warn us that it is upset or frightened- a do

This week in Belted Galloway Class

This week will be an industrious one in Belted Galloway class. Year 5 will continue on their drama, art and English project centred around The Highway Man, and theory focussed maths work with Miss Cale. Year 6 will be working on their preparations for the end of key stage tests, as well as ensuring that they brush up on the skills required to be 'secondary ready'. The children's enthusiasm, focus and independence has been really encouraging to see. We will be completing our work centred around 'Letters from the Lighthouse' and 'The Viewer' in English: the children really engaged with both, very different, texts. The next inspiration for their writing will be a short animation called Alma, wh

This week in Dexter Class

This week we are excited to announce that we will be having a visit from a local vet and will be learning about her work and the animals that she looks after. We are even hoping to meet some of her charges! In maths, we will be developing our understanding of addition and subtraction, and will be continuing our work on ordering numbers. The children will have lots of practical experiences to develop their understanding and will also take part in the club maths challenges. In phonics we will be revising our knowledge of digraphs and trigraphs and will be attempting to use our phonic knowledge to write captions, sentences and diary entries about Farmer Duck. We will also be continuing our crea

This week in Hereford class

We are continuing with Gorilla by Anthony Browne in English, but this week we are innovating it by planning our own version and writing the full story. In maths Y1 are counting on and backwards from any given number to 100 and Y2 are recognising and using the inverse operation. We launched out computing topic where we looked at adding different questions to a mind map and using Google (as a search engine) to locate the answers to the questions we had raised. In RE we are looking at special items and specifically looking at what items are special to Jews. In Science we will be looking at the structure of a plant, labeling its parts and understanding the roles of those different parts. As we a

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